The Letter

The letter 

Hello everyone and welcome back to the second blog post of this school year and it’s about humanities the whole topic of the this project was to create a letter about something to do with the environment, then you have to said it to a government professor like John Horgan, or any high up local government. 

So the topic I went to is forest fires in the Okanogan, because in the past couple of years the topic has been very brutal and actually very sad because so many people hav e lost there homes and there lives form careless people turning there BBQ on or dropping there cigarettes. That brings me to where my whole project revolves on which is advertising for forest fires, which means basically put some stuff online to prevent those careless people from doing that stuff, a fact is that 56% of people use social media for more then 2 hours a day. 

Evidence of your learning 

So there was a new system for milestone for this year in humanities which is you do little stuff to get to one big milestone so the first one that came to mind is the common lit’s that we had to do for basically the how project the first ones we focus on is the reading which was you had to read a story and finish multiple choice questions. Then the other moon lit stuff we had to do was common lit sentences starters which was basically you had to read this little paragraph and do a little sentence starter to make a sentence. Other thing we did was we got to interview Dennis Thomas and Megan Curren which was pretty cool to see there side on what they do for a living and how they got to where they are today. 

Curricular competencies 

So I think I could have done a lot better in this part of the project, I do feel like i try my hardest though I went into all of the morning thing besides one which I’m not going to lie I might have skipped but I learned a lot form this project it helped my share my ideas more also helped my writing skills but don’t get my wrong I definitely could have done better. 

After you guys stop reading this I want to you to look at my letter I saved this for last because i’m the most proud of this, this took a very long time and a lot of redoing and revising so hear is the LETTER!!!!!!!

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