Correlation Vs Causation

Hello everyone today we are going to be talking about correlation vs causation well, maybe not talk about the whole thing, mostly the project. The main goal of this project was to get a bunch of people to do your survey that you had to make, then pick 4 question and see if they have causation or correlation to them. The way we made them correlate is by putting them into a numbers document and making a graph thats show that stuff.

Evidence of your learning

So, we started off are project with doing causation the project start mind map which is basically just little brainstorming app were you can put questions about the project. Here I will enter in a picture of one  so you can see what it looks  like. Then we had to do ask all of my classmates there height and there hand size then we put the content into a numbers doc and we see if are heights and hands sizes correlates. After that we started getting into the actual project which is of course the survey, the task was to make a survey plan and that basically means what your questions are going to be about so ares at first was quite dumb but we said how good are you at swimming and angry birds to green beans, i know did not make sense at all then we switched it to amount of time or sleep vs screen time and swimming and cramps so in my opinion much improvement there.

Curricular competency 

So this part I will go over all my marks so let’s go

The mind map I got a sun cloud which is around a c+ to a B you could say also on the survey plan I also got a sun cloud ⛅️ for the then for the correlation graph i got another sun cloud then for the final project I got an Sunny yay!!! So I definitely could have done better for sure i could have trued harder and also not be so focus’s on getting it done then making good work also i was most of the time very distracted and not focused in class so i had to rush at home to finish the work but the all around grade turned out well so thats all that matters


thank you guys for reading this project appreciate and byeeeeeee 👋


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