Humanities Blog post

The more things change🧅🦫

Hello everyone this thing I’m writing about is Humanities and the finally blog post. 

Driving Question 

The driving question was ( What did European Settlement mean for all the people involved ) this meant that we were learned about Europeans and how the settled in New France. For the Past couple of weeks we have been very into this thing called an info graphic here is a picture of one if you don’t now   Anyway my group member was Mateo he has a blog to so you can find him at he was a very good teammate.

Milestones and Practices

So we started of are whole project by doing Milestone 1 which was a deep cove reflection, we went outside to right about what are some continuities and change what I did was answer my own questions like what has deep cove changed and what not. The 2nd Milestone was Continuities and change of New France, to make sense we have been doing lectures with ms.Maxwell so we now i pretty good amount of stuff. So what we did was we had to go into a group and read or remember all thing we had on this little piece of paper one of my was conflict and war, after we were done that we had to share to other people do they could get knowledge as well. Are third Milestone was facts and graphics so kind of self explanatory we had to do a little practice graphics to get to know Canva and to learn more about Infographics. So after that we had milestone 4 which was a develop and critique of are new infographic, so basically the teachers and classmates ripping us a part lol. Well it was not like that but then told us what to add and not to add. The finally and last Milestone was Milestone 5. Which was putting up your info graphic. 


So this infographic thing we had to work on was about New France and how did France, First Nations and the British were affected by New France  i think are Infographic was very good because it is very neat and very Aesthetically pleasing. I forgot to say that we had to make a YouTube Video and tell the people watching what it meant. So hear is the big video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Thank you for reading/watching see ya

The Music blog

Hey guys welcome back to the blog. This blog is going to be about How music is good and how rap is better. I also like other music  like 80s and country but rap is king.

Anyway this part is going to be my playlist for any genre. As you can see I literally have everything hype song like Pompeii, to low mood like so done then i have just happy song that make you happy.


Now lets go into researching an artist. Today we are going to research Drake also Known as Aubrey Drake Graham he was born in Toronto, Canada, he also own a huge house in Toronto. His most popular song is called Gods Plan the song is about his successful journey through the music industry and how he has been able to surmount all the obstacles placed in his way by his enemies/haters and move from grace to grace. One of my favourite song by Drake is one of his newest  song Life is Good or Laugh Now Cry Later. Drake started his rap Career in 2006 with his first mixtape called Room for Improvement.  

Thank you for reading this post bye.



Last blog post for humanitys

Final blog post on medium is the message

The is is my final blog post for medium is a message🥳. That also means that this is the last day of PLP English😢. So anyway the post is going to be about my final ad with my group and also going to talk about the driving question. 

How Does What We Hear, Read and see Influence Us? I think the question is that all you have to do is listen to the people around you and they will help you learn and become a better learner or listener. I also think that that if you put the work in they you can do anything.  

Final advertisement

 This this is my advertisement for my group, I think are ad is very good because we put in a lot of work pooling ideas in also we put in a time in are day to take some pictures of some of the food and drinks that honey has to offer also we had to agree to ever design we had, we had to take ideas from ever design we had and put it into that one ad. I think this ad is very good because it is very unique. If you look at the ad there is honey tripping from the top of the page going on to the coffee and the doughnut. We used the portrait thing on the camera to make sure the coffee/Hot chocolate and doughnut but then we have a hint of deep coves ocean in the back of the picture. We added the honeycomb in the top right and top left to ad a little different thing to it. We added two different fonts and also the picture is portrait style.


So the milestones started off very confusing 1,2,3 where just easy but hard, well I would say confusing I did not really get how do to them because probably i was not paying attention or just simply i did not get it. The first couple milestones I had to revise because it was always to short, after that we started r]to work with are groups more often which is way better for me because I like brainstorming idea with my group and figuring out stuff with I group of some sort.

Raping it up 

So this is the end of my blog post sorry i did not get it out well there was a due date but its hear so thanks for reading my blog.

My User Manual

Reflections on my user manual. The first reflection is when the project first started i really did not know what was going on i was kind of confused 🤷‍♂️, then by milestone three i really got to get the project and put in hard work. When it was the first station we learned about the Memoji laptop I was really excited to work on the laptop. I thought my laptop was very good it was subtle but really good in my opinion. We are on to the user manual part, I think my right up part was very unique and funny with my humour. I got a pretty good reflection from Mis.Maxwell she said it was clever and well written.        At the right of your screen hear is my Memoji laptop it is like what i cold you very subtle but its out there



Brand: Student-Baseball Player 

Model: Cole Douglas-Pluff



Congratulations on your new favourite PLP student, Cole Douglas-Pluff or just Cole for short. A little fun fact Cole has so many nicknames his mom has made him, they all can’t be named! Your new student will come with these functions, including:

    • Being easy to teach
    • Funny in the class room 
    • Respect in all circumstances 
    • Great in all team work 
    • Has a great sense of humour 


Before you access Cole you will need a bucket of Jolly Ranchers! Just kidding… you will need nothing, but those Jolly Ranchers are much appreciated. 


You can access Cole basically every minute of the day besides lunch because he will be at Myrtle park every day when it is sunny or not raining. Cole does move around the school a lot when there are stations or just for the bathroom. 

After school Cole has text or email but he is not the best with email but will answer text most of the time. Coles email is Cole is extremely good at knowing how to not do his homework because he prefers watching YouTube and playing video games or just simply ignoring the fact that he has homework but as you can see, Cole finished his homework eventually!!!!!!! 

Cole is a huge user of social media. He does everything from YouTube to Snapchat to Instagram, but not Facebook, that is for old people like his Mom. Coles favourite social media is Snapchat because he can talk to his friends really easily.


Cole has three primary settings: a student, a baseball player and a gamer.   

Setting 1 Student 

This mode is every day besides the weekend because weekends are for “the boys”. Student mode is 8am until 3pm and then a little after that for of course the “good old homework” if needed. 

Setting 2 baseball player 

After school on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 4 Cole go to baseball practice. When its the weekend Cole goes into full on baseball mode on until Cole automatically goes into video game mode where he can zone out and grind with his favourite games. Cole does need to practice more baseball to get use to his wood bat and practice his blocking drills in his position as Back Catcher 

Setting 3 video gamer

When Cole is done with school or baseball Cole goes into full video game mode and Cole play with his friends and zone out and play all the games that he loves such as COD ( Call of Duty), Fall Guys, Valorant and 2k20. 


    • will get off track 
    • Is quite shy at some points
    • Loves louder noises it lets Cole focus 
    • Likes to talk a lot
    • is also pretty quiet 


Isn’t do the work sheet and i want to do it on my own. Ask the teacher in class or by text or email to help you.
Cole Forgot the homework. Ask a friend or the teacher.
When your iPad is always dead and you never charge it. Get a charger and plug the darn thing in the wall and be ready for school 

Tips and Tricks for People to be Friends with Cole 

    • give him candy preferably jolly rancher 
    • be a good friend 
    • Hopefully you like sports or baseball so we can talk and play baseball 
    • Play video games like call of duty etc.
    • Have social media so we can talk.