Recommended Pre-Reading for Participants

The BC Changing Results for Young Readers Leadership Team has introduced educators from across the province to a number of important scholars whose current research and on-going studies in the areas of Literacy Instruction, Self-Regulation, Aboriginal World Views, and Formative Assessment, are worth consideration. The following lists are offered as suggestions for the participants interested in the CR4YR program.

We recommend that participants read the following articles before before each of the four CR4YR sessions. A quick read through this material will provide you with important background knowledge about the themes and concepts that we will explore in each session:

Session 1: John Guthrie, “Contexts for Engagement and Motivation in Reading,” from Reading Online, 4.8, 2001.

Session 2: Richard Allington, “Every Child, Every Day,” from Reading: The Core Skill, 69.6, March 2012.

Session 3: Richard Allington, “What Really Matters When Working with Struggling Readers,” from The Reading Teacher, 66.7, 2013.

Session 4: Dylan Wiliam, “Changing Classroom Practice,” from Educational Leadership: Informative Assessment, 65.4, January 2008.