Today in class we experimented with an emoji generator, which would generate random emojis. We had to make a story based off of these emojis. Here are the emojis I got:


And here is how I used them:





Once upon a time, there was a man living in a big city. He didn’t own a car, so every day he would walk to work when he got up in the morning. Because of this his feet hurt a lot when he got to work and he was tired which impaired his ability to work. This meant that his boss wouldn’t give him a raise, so he wouldn’t afford to buy a car.


One day, he found a bicycle in someone’s front lawn. It wasn’t locked up, and this was just what he needed to get to work happy and not be so tired. He decided to steal the bicycle, because he didn’t see anyone watching.


But just as he took the bicycle, a police car turned the corner. The police man saw him steal the bike, and put on his sirens.


Just as the police man ran out of the car to confront the man, a cat ran across the road and tripped the police officer. The man who stole the bike took this chance to run away while the police officer was still on the ground. He ran and ran through the city, but as he was going to jump on the bicycle, he remembered one crucial thing. He didn’t know how to ride a bike! He dropped the bicycle, tripping the police man. Finally, he found a dock with a small rowboat.


He jumped in the rowboat, and rowed as fast as he could away from the police officer. The police man was swimming quite fast behind him, but with the man in a rowboat, he just couldn’t keep up. The man rowed to a small island to escape the police officer.


On the island, he got a job as a saxophone player. A few days later, the policeman had finally swam to the island and had decided he deserved a break. He went to see some music. And what were the chances that he would have gotten tickets to the band the man was playing in!


Sadly for the bike thief, the police officer recognized him and chased after him. The thief dropped his saxophone and ran out the back door, but the police officer caught up to him and arrested him.




That’s it for my emoji story. I hope you enjoyed it. Playing with the emoji generator was really fun and you could get some weird combinations. See you next time,