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mPOL 2023

mPOL stands for midyear presentation of learning. Currently, it’s the transitional period between the first and second semesters, which is no better time to do a midyear presentation of learning. By now, I’m sure the reader knows that in PLP, we… Continue Reading →

Ology of Apology

Hello, it’s Dylan. Again. Today, as always, I will be talking about our latest project, which was called (you guessed it) “Ology of Apology”. In this project our driving question was “How can we keep apologies for past wrongs alive… Continue Reading →

Dylan V.S. Loon Lake: Round Two!

Hi again to the probably <5 people who actually read my decreasingly frequent blog posts. I’ve been kind of dreading this one for a while since Loon Lake this year was actually a pretty negative experience for me, plus it’s… Continue Reading →

Gold Rush

Hello again, Dylan here as usual. Today, I’ll be talking about our latest project, Gold Digger. This project focused on the Cariboo Gold rush and how it played an integral part of BC’s history. We also learned about the discovery… Continue Reading →

Time is Money

Hi, everyone, it’s me again. This time, I’ll be talking about our latest Scimatics project, “Time is Money”. In this project, we learned about calculating hourly wages, production costs, net earnings, and other things that would come in handy when… Continue Reading →

First Film

Hello again to the one or two people who read my blog. I’m back with another post, this time about, you guessed it, my latest project! This time, we learned about making a film, which was really interesting, considering I… Continue Reading →

Meiosis Models

Hello, I’m back. This time, I’ll be talking about our latest project in Scimatics, Meiosis Models. In this project, we learned about meiosis, mitosis and cell division. We started this project by reviewing our knowledge of cell division from what… Continue Reading →

Vibrant Video

Hello again, ‘tis I, Dylan. Today, I’ll be writing about another Maker project, Vibrant Video. In this project, we learned about moviemaking and how to storyboard. It intertwined well with our last Humanities project, A War to End All Wars,… Continue Reading →

“Get good!”

Hey all! It’s me, Dylan, once again, with another blog post. This time I’ll be talking about, shocker: my latest project in school! This one was in Maker. We learned about the 7 Habits, by Stephen Covey. The 7 Habits… Continue Reading →

A War To End All Wars

Hello, all! It’s me, Dylan. Today, I’m going to be writing about our latest Humanities project, “A War To End All Wars”. We learned about the First World War which was very interesting. It’s such a complicated topic and it… Continue Reading →

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