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Chemistry Coding – Project Reflection

Hi again, everyone! (‘Everyone’ meaning my teachers, parents, and maybe my grandmother and/or grandfather). Today, I’ll be reflecting on our latest Scimatics project, Chemistry Coding. Last quarter, I had PLP classes in both the morning and the afternoon, so having… Continue Reading →

The More Things Change – Project Reflection

Hi again! Welcome back to my blog. Today, I’m going to talk about our most recent project, The More Things Change. Our driving question was “what did European settlement mean for all the people involved?”. To answer the driving question,… Continue Reading →

Destination Imagination… Yay…?

  Oh, boy… I have been procrastinating doing this blog post for far too long, so let’s get this done. Destination Imagination…. I’m still not too sure how I feel about it, but let me tell you this… it is… Continue Reading →

Argh Matey!

Hello again! Today, I’m going to be reflecting on our last unit, Argh Matey. We learned about the age of exploration and about pirates and privateers. We started the unit by watching the movie Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks. For… Continue Reading →

Growth Mindset

Recently in school, we have been focusing a lot on having a “growth mindset”. We have been keeping a Growth Mindset Journal too, to keep track of our growth mindsets. But to understand what all of that means, we first… Continue Reading →

Student Blogging Challenge Day 11 – Reflection

I have yet to mention that the past few posts, which have been categorized as “other” have been part of what has been called the Student Blogging Challenge. The Student Blogging Challenge is a series of challenges which pertain to… Continue Reading →

“Kilroy Was Here”

Starting in the Second World War, allied soldiers would draw a character named Kilroy everywhere they went. Kilroy is a person or creature with a very large nose peeking over a wall. He has two tiny eyes and a round… Continue Reading →


Hi, it’s me again. Today, I’m going to be talking about holidays. A holiday I like is Canada Day. It’s a statutory holiday, which means that stores and schools are closed. There aren’t many festivities, which means that I can… Continue Reading →

How It Started/How It’s Going: Project Reflection

Hi, again. It’s me, Dylan. Today, I’m going to be talking about our latest project, How It Started/How It’s Going. It was a really cool project and I enjoyed going back to humanities after a quarter of Scimatics and French…. Continue Reading →

Emoji Story Generator

Today in class we experimented with an emoji generator, which would generate random emojis. We had to make a story based off of these emojis. Here are the emojis I got:   And here is how I used them:  … Continue Reading →

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