Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Evelyn.

I am a human girl in Grade 8. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I have had a blog for about half of a year now. It’s fun to write posts and share them online!

Here are some random unimportant facts about me.

  1. I really don’t like scrambled eggs, but I do like omelettes. 🥚
  2. I have a younger sister named Amy,  and a younger brother named Barley. 👫
  3. My younger brother is actually a dog. 🐶
  4. Two years ago I went to France. It was amazing! 🇫🇷
  5. I did French Immersion for all of elementary school, but now I’m in an English high school. I plan on going back to French Immersion for Grade 9. 🏫
  6. I am in a program called PLP. We do most of our learning on iPads and go on a lot of Field Studies. The teachers seem to have an obsession with acronyms. 👩🏽‍💻
  7. I like to row. It’s fun! I haven’t flipped a boat (yet). 🚣‍♂️
  8. My favourite pass-time is reading. I read everything, from King Lear (it was pretty gruesome) to Harry Potter. Recently I finished Jane Eyre. I was very proud of myself even though it took me 3 months. 📖
  9. I also like eating. My favourite food is sushi: specifically, sashimi (raw fish) and pretty much any type of sushi roll. 🍣
  10. My favorite colour is green. 🎨
  11. I live in a townhouse complex with lots of neighbours, most of which are below the age of 12. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  12. I am a certified babysitter. (It sounds fancier if I say ‘certified’.) 👩‍👧
  13. I am terrified of sitting in the front seat of any car. 🚘
  14. I once broke my collarbone when I fell off a rope swing. ☹️
  15. I am really bad at playing Minecraft, but I enjoy it anyway. 🎮

That’s me! All the random things that you didn’t need to know.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment on my blog!


Evelyn 👩🏽