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A Post About Barley


Now, you might be thinking: What’s this, Evelyn? Why the sudden interest in grains?

Let me clarify. If you’ve read my About Me page, you would know that Barley is my puppy!

We brought Barley home from a breeder near Mission, BC. He is a 5-and-a-half month old goldendoodle. Some of his favourite pastimes include licking ice cubes, eating leaves from our backyard, cuddling, and playing with this squeaky chicken toy that our grandparents got for him.

He has grown a lot since we got him. Even before, we were following his breeders Red Maple Doodles on Facebook, and we watched him get bigger.

Here’s a slideshow with photos of Barley!

For more photos of Barley, you can follow him on instagram at @bcbarley!

Barley had a lot of possible names, and even now he has endless nicknames. Before we brought him home we made a huge list of potential names for him. 

  • Otto
  • Darwin
  • Floyd
  • Barley
  •  Dewey
  • Dudley
  • Newton
  • Herbie
  • and so on.

We were leaning towards naming him Darwin, but once we met him we realized that it didn’t fit him at all. He was all goofy and friendly, and somehow Darwin did not evoke those feeling. My dad suggested Barley. I seemed more easygoing, and plus the grain matches the colour of his fur perfectly. 

Barley also has a lot of other nicknames. For example:

  • Barles
  • Barles Barkley
  • Beezer
  • B.
  • Mr B.
  • Beezies
  • Beezie
  • Pooffer
  • Poofus
  • Poofus the Doofus
  • Poofy Pup
  • Fluffer 
  • Flaffer
  • …you get the idea. 
    Miraculously, Barley responds to most of these names, even though each one might only be used twice a week. He is impressive that way. 

Barley is learning some fun tricks. He struggles with some, but others are easy for him. 

Barley has mastered ‘sit’ and ‘lie down’. He can also ‘shake a paw’ pretty well. But by far his best trick is ‘wait’. If we put his food in front of him and tell him to wait, he can wait for up to two minutes before we let him know it’s okay to start eating. 
Here’s a video of Barley waiting for his food. 

Barley still has trouble with some skills. He used to be able to ‘roll over’, but then he didn’t practice enough and he lost it. An important skill to know that he hasn’t mastered yet is recall: the ability to come when called. We still have to shake his treats at him if we want him to come. 
Even though he struggles with some things, he’s still a good boy.  He almost never jumps up on the table anymore! (As I write this he is in ‘dog jail’ for doing just that. The key word in that sentence was almost.)

So that’s Barley! Hopefully now you feel more acquainted with my puppy.

Evelyn 👩🏽‍🦱


  1. Dear Evelyn, your puppy is ADORABLE!! Also, my Nanas dog licks ice cubes but we make our own popsicles and she eats the WHOLE popsicle. How old it Barley now?? Visit my bloghttp://alondrade26.edublogs.org/
    From Alondra

    • evelync

      November 23, 2019 at 6:41 pm

      Hi Alondra!
      Thanks for the comment! It’s cool that your Nana’s puppy eats popsicles. What is her name? She sounds really cute. Barley just turned six months old yesterday. We made him a pup cake with little dog biscuits and dog food! It was really gross, but he seemed to like it!

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    I loved reading your post about Barley. He is such a cute puppy! Is he the first dog you have ever had? He must have lots of energy if he is still a puppy. I liked seeing all the pictures of Barley he looks like a very friendly dog. Is he good with children and other dogs? I bet you love coming home from school each day and seeing Barley. What do you love best about having a dog?

    Keep up the great work blogging!
    Mrs. Bennett

    • evelync

      November 15, 2019 at 1:21 pm

      Hi Mrs. Bennett!
      Thanks for the comment! Barley is the first pet I’ve ever had. He is kind of crazy sometimes, especially in the evening, when he runs around in circles. He’s pretty good with other people, though he sometimes jumps up on them. He almost never barks at other dogs, and he’s always ready to play with any other dogs that we encounter! My favourite part of having a dog is playing with him and snuggling him. He doesn’t judge me! During the summer I talked to him more than any other human!
      Thanks again for commenting on my post!

  3. That is a cute dog Evelyn! Visit my blog!

    • evelync

      November 14, 2019 at 9:34 pm

      Hi Sophia! Thanks for the comment!
      Glad you think Barley is cute. I think so too! I will make sure to check out your blog.

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