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A Post About Amy


Let me preface this by saying that my sister requested this post. This was not my idea. I do not take responsibility for any stress or trauma caused by the content of this post.

As you may already know, Amy is my sister. She is pretty cool I guess. I bit weird, but still cool.

Amy and I are relatively close. We do bicker occasionally about stupid stuff, but other than that we generally like each other. We are quite different though.

Also, I am very proud of the Featured Image I created for this post. I hope you like it. It made me laugh.


Some basic information about Amy:

  • She is 12 years old, just going into Grade 7. Two years younger than me.
  • She likes fashion, drama, and figure skating.
  • She is vey loud, cheerful, and friendly, but sometimes can also be rather bossy and self-absorbed.

That’s just a very compact introduction to the wonderful creature that is Amy. I will be going much more in-depth later, I promise.

She has requested that I not put pictures of herself in here. Fair enough. I will respect her wishes. She is also reading through this whole thing to make sure she approves of everything I’m going to publish so I don’t embarrass her online or whatever. I want to make sure she is comfortable with everything that I post.

Instead of photos, I’ll just use her Bitmoji.

To kick things off, I decided to interview Amy, so that you could get a little taste of her personality. It went… interestingly, I guess. I recorded the audio and originally contemplated putting the file in here, but ultimately decided not to because it was super messy and full of random giggling, clicking (our cousin was fiddling with a hair clip in the background) and overall craziness. In short, it was stupid, so I’m just going to transcribe it here instead.

I  asked five questions that were designed to showcase Amy’s personality, and I think they did their job relatively well. Let’s get into it, shall we?

1.) What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

Amy: “Perfect, fashionista, and… ummm… drama follows me everywhere.”

That last one is exactly the sort of thing that I’d expect Amy to say.

2.) What is your favourite pastime?

Amy: “I like browsing Pinterest, watching YouTube, and… well, I like theatre…

Evelyn: “What sort of stuff do you like to watch on YouTube and browse on Pinterest?”

Amy: “I like watching Smosh, and fashion channels, and on Pinterest I like to look at theatre memes and outfit inspiration.”

It should be noted that Amy was browsing Pinterest while I was conducting this interview. She said it would be good, because she would be “in her element”.

3.) What is your dream job? And why?

Amy: “I wanna be on Broadway, honey! …ummm …can you not put that on the blog?”

Let’s try again.

Amy: “I think I want to work on Broadway, because the community is good, and it’s in New York… and… ummm…”

Evelyn: “And you like acting?”

Amy: “Oh, yeah, and I like acting.”

Obviously that’s not the most important factor though, since I needed to prompt her. I think she just wants to be famous.

4.) What is your worst fear?

Amy: “Gravy.”

Evelyn: “Really?”

Amy: “No. Ummmm… uhhh….”

After a bit of thinking and a lot of ‘ummm’s, Amy came to this conclusion:

Amy: “ First, needles. Second, having someone I care about die. Third, fires in my house.”

I’m so happy to know that Amy would rather have me die than get a shot. What a loyal, loving sister I have.

5.) If you were going on vacation for a week and could only bring three things outside of the bare necessities, what would they be?

Amy: “An extra, more fashionable outfit, first of all. And I think my phone. And headphones.”

Izzy (my cousin, who was futzing around in the background): “What about a charger? You’d need to charge your phone.”

Amy: “Oh yeah. A charger instead of headphones.”

Amy tends to think of entertainment over practicality. It’s one of the things I both love and hate about her, because it means I’m always bringing her stuff that she forgot whenever we go on outings.

There we have it. An interview with my dear sister. I do think this is a pretty good summary of her personality.


Since you now her side of the story, I figured I might as well include some objective evidence so you can really get the full picture. I came up with a list of Amy Trivia. It’s sort of like my About Me page, except about Amy instead. Here we go:

  • Amy is 12 years old, in grade 7.
  • Amy’s favourite colour is pink.
  • Amy likes fashion, Broadway plays, skating, Broadway plays, browsing Pinterest, and Broadway plays.
  • Amy has been skating since she was 8.

    Amy did consent to me putting this photo in here.

  • Her favourite play is currently Grease, but by the time I’ve posted this it will probably be something completely different.
  • Amy’s dream role in a play would be Eliza from HamiltonShe had a really hard time picking just one, though.

Eliza from Hamilton

  • She failed to mention it in her interview, but she is terrified of spiders. I am constantly being called from the other side of the house to rid her of some pesky insect.
  • Amy’s current project is redecorating her room. It’s been her dream for like 3 years at this point, and she is finally getting the chance to do it since we just moved. It is very pink, white and vintage at the moment.

Amy’s desk that she meticulously picked out from Craigslist and decorated to her taste.

  • Amy is well known for her love of grilled cheese, but her actual favourite food is “New York style pizza”.
  • Amy really wants to be famous when she is older.
  • Amy likes herself a lot.

There we go. A comprehensive list of everything you need to know about my dear sister. Hopefully she approves it.

Since this post just passed 1000 words, I think it’s high time we ended off. After all, Amy is rather short. It would be weird to have a post longer than her.

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully you liked this post. Hopefully Amy likes this post. She must have, if you are reading this now.

Have a great day, and stay safe and healthy! See you next time!


Evelyn 👩🏽


  1. you should quit writing.

    • Evelyn

      February 15, 2021 at 9:42 pm

      Hi John!
      I’m sorry that you feel that way. Maybe instead of spending your time lurking in other people’s safe spaces, you should go do something productive. Play a sport! Take up the violin! Get a life!
      I am not planning on quitting writing. I like writing. It’s fun. Just because you don’t have any hobbies doesn’t mean that I can’t.
      I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling day. You clearly need some happiness in your life, since you seem like a sad person.

  2. Hey, Evelyn!

    Another great post! I like how you interviewed your sister, she seems nice. I have three sisters!! Wait for it, they’ll all soon be interviewed. 😂

    Me and my sisters also like to figure skate in the winter!! It’s very fun, although we haven’t taken any lessons or have been a part of any competitions.

    I also like to browse Pinterest! Hello! We’re like… the same. 😆

    I also did an interview with one of my sisters; Natalia. You can check the post out here!: https://thedreamdoodler.edublogs.org/2020/08/10/breaking-news/

    And that’s it! Again, great post. I will check my email (and your blog haha) for more soon!! Stay safe!
    ~ Julia

    • Evelyn

      September 2, 2020 at 3:44 pm

      Hi Julia! Thanks for commenting! Your support always makes me happy.

      Amy read your comment and agrees that you are similar. I like to figure skate as well, but I’m really bad at it. At some point I paid Amy 2 dollars to teach me, but it didn’t really work out.

      I would love to read about your sisters! I will keep checking your blog for updates!

      Have a great day! Stay safe!


      • Hey Evelyn,
        I have been looking through your posts
        and I think this one is particularly
        funny! You should never stop writing
        you are very good at it. I will be looking
        at new posts of yours!

        – Garter scales blog

        P.S. I thought that you post was very funny.
        that sounds a lot like me and my sister.

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