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Things that I wrote about in 8th Grade, while I was in the PLP program.

A Post About tPOLs

Hello there!

Once upon a time there was a comparatively small girl named Evelyn. Evelyn was shy, anxious, and a bit naive. Flash forward a year, and here she is now. Still shy. Still anxious. But very much more enlightened.

Time for tPOLs!

It’s the end of the year, and the time has come for PLP to present us with our final acronym. (Actually, we are presenting the acronym to PLP.  You know what, whatever.)

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A Post About DIying Online


DIying. Not Dying. There’s a difference, however small.

Just kidding. Sort of.

This post is late. I am disappointed in myself. I thought I had broken my late post streak. Alas, sometimes even I succumb to procrastination. Quite frequently, actually.


This post is about Destination Imagination! You may be wondering why I am writing this. After all, I already wrote a different post that was also about Destination Imagination. If you haven’t read that, do it now, or else this one will make zero sense.

In fact, even after the Regional tournament was finished, that was not the end. There were still Provincials to attend to! And boy, was there a lot to fix.

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Destination Imagination.

Those two rhyming words have been the main (and let’s be honest; only) focus of PLP 8 and 9 for the past month.
Actually, I don’t think those words rhyme. Or if they do, it’s an imperfect rhyme.

Rhymes are confusing. Let’s get to the point.

Assonance aside, this was a wild ride. Let me explain it to those of you who are not Ms. Willemse.

Side note: I am splitting this post into 3 parts: Planning, Creating, and Presenting. This is going to be a massive post.

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A Post About The End Of The World


Despite the ominous title, this blog post isn’t about dying. (Phew!) It’s a post about new beginnings, and singing students, and-

You know what, let’s just skip the cheesy introduction and get to the part where everyone humiliates themselves by displaying their questionable singing voices to the class already.

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A Post About Maximum Surface Area


This post marks the end of another Scimatics project. This one was all about surface area,  volume, and 3D shapes. One of my favourite things to  do in math.

If you couldn’t tell, I was not trying to be sarcastic. I actually really enjoy calculating the surface area and volume of random prisms. I’m a weirdo, but whatever. We can discuss my strange interests another time.

The premise of this project was to design an inanimate object on a 3D program called Tinkercad. We either had to design the object so that it had as much surface  area or volume as possible. At first, I didn’t really understand the project. If you’re trying to get maximum volume, why not make the object the size of Vancouver? The size of Earth? It turns out that it had to be smaller that 10cm squared. That made a bit more sense.

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A Post About Medieval Stuff

Greetings from the Middle Ages!

We recently finished a project on the Middle Ages (or the Dark Ages, or the Medieval Times, or whatever you want to call them). The theme of this project was Continuity and Change, so we looked at similarities and differences between the Middle Ages and now.

Predictably, there was a driving question behind this project:

What was life like in the Middle Ages? How does it compare to today?

Well, to answer the question simply, life sucked in the Middle Ages. Most people were serfs and had to do whatever they’re lords told them to, they blindly followed the church, and everyone’s life expectancy was very short. But the point of this blog post is not to answer the question simply, so I guess I should probably continue.

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A Post About Overexcited Atoms


We recently completed our latest Scimatics project. This one was all about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and chemicals! It was fun, but boy, was it hard (for me, anyways)!

Our task was to code a game or interactive simulator representing the kinetic molecular theory and states of matter using Scratch. I usually really enjoy Scratch, but I really struggled with this project.

Let’s take a look at our driving question:

How is the motion of atoms and molecules related to temperature?

Pretty self-explanatory.

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A Post About mPOLs


So… mPOLs. Mid-Term Presentations of Learning. The joy of every PLP student.

For those who do not have the pleasure of presenting an mPOL, they are basically parent-teacher interviews, except that instead of the teacher talking to the parent about the student’s learning, the student is talking to both the teacher and the parent about their own learning in the form of a presentation.

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A Post About Way Too Much Star Wars


In keeping with the theme of my blog (late blog posts), here is the latest addition to my tardy collection: The Winter Exhibition!

PLP hosts an exhibition every year before Winter Break, which shows off a project that each student has been working on. This year’s  theme, as you may have guessed, is Star Wars! I was excited about this theme, because Star Wars is one of my favourite series.
(Side note: I’m pretty sure I said the exact same thing in this  Scimatics blog post. Oops!)

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A Post About Triangular Laser Paths


Welcome to another Scimatics blog post! It’s been a while since I posted. Missed me?

This unit was about light (for Science) and the Pythagorean Theorem (for Math). The theme for this project was especially interesting though: Star Wars!

Every year, PLP host a Winter Exhibition, which shows off the work that the students have done to the general public. The theme this year was Star Wars, (hooray!) since the new addition to the saga, The Rise of Skywalker, came out recently. I was really excited about this theme, since the Star Wars movies are some of my favourites!
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