Destination Imagination 2021\2022


Ahhh. Destination imagination is already over! Now some of you may not know what that is but it is just a whole ton of kids making something out of nothing basically. So there is a couple different groups to this like scientific, story telling, and hazard escape. I was put into the improv group.

The research.

We all got told to choose 8 festivals within our group and all split up and got our butts to work. After we researched we used an app called Basecamp to store all of our information.

This helped all of our team members stay on task and keep track of what were supposed to do. I had a hard time with the organization of this project because lets just say.. I am more or less messy, but shout out to Sydney because she kept everyone on task and kept giving out reminders when needed. 



Now that we had all of the info we needed to get our shiz together and start getting a bigger idea on what was happening with the festivals and everything. I used my creative thinking to collaborate with my team members to find good reasons behind actions in our improv skit making it flow and hold better. Every Tuesday and Thursday we would all get up super early and meet at the school to do a couple test runs until we got ahold of it.

Pamper up! 

The day of the tournament we all met up at a school to do our presentation. Before going in we had 10 cardboard boxes! (to use as a substitute for props) and took a chill pill before things got kinda intense.

Show time!

I think we could have collaborated better and come up with different meanings for the same word and re-incorporated that in to make it more original and getting a lower chance of it flopping as in someone thinking of the same thing. But I think one thing that really stood out in our team is the way we worked together from the start and the team’s relationship just increased so much from the brim. Anyways thx for reading these letters…

Later 🙂