About Me

Hi! Welcome to my first official blog post. My name is Gabby and I am a PLP learner at Seycove. On my blogs you will find all my work and how I develop my learning throughout PLP. First, you should get to know all about me. Some of my hobbies are rowing, soccer, and softball. Ever since I was 5 I have been playing softball non stop and continues to be a passion of mine. On the sidelines consistently play for a soccer team and go to the school rowing academy. 


While I am not spending hours at sports, I hang out with my pets. I have a crazy 2 year old bernadoodle named Scout, and a kitten named Mr. Beiber (yes just like the singer Justin Beiber). Scout is known as a “menace” according to my friend as she has eaten multiple peoples homework, masks, and lunch. Other than her destroying thousands of dollars worth of items, she can be really sweet at times. Which leads to why cats are my favourite animal. Sadly, my family is known to have bad luck with cats. My first cat died when I was young so I honestly can’t remember how he died, our 2nd cat died at 3 years old due to cancer, and my 3rd cat died just before he turned 1 when he never returned home on a fall night (we’re assuming it was a coyote). Hopefully 4th time is a charm because now we are adopting kitten name Mr. Beiber. Cats are overall smarter, cuter, and much easier to raise than dogs (I know I probably shouldn’t say that considering I have 3 dead cats up my sleeve, but I promise I am a good and caring cat owner). To learn more about me, you can continue to read my blog posts anytime.