Geek Out!

My Cat: Why he Matters to Me

A few years ago, my young cat went missing when he was barely a year old. Since that happened my parents vowed not to get a cat in Deep Cove again as cats go missing all the time due to all the wild animals around. That is until my friend’s cat got pregnant and needed owners for their new found three kittens. I was immediately convinced that we were bound to adopt a cat, but at the beginning, my parents thought differently; They didn’t want the cat to go missing, and they said that having a crazy dog was enough. But I still persisted until they finally gave in. My brother did not approve of the idea, but I had already named hime Mr. Bieber, and my parents were on board so our decision was locked in. We are adopting a cat.


Seven Fascinating facts about Mr. Bieber

-Smallest kitten of the litter

-growls like a dog

-only drinks water out of a cup

-has blue eyes

-paws are slightly stained green from when he stepped in paint

-goes crazy whenever you touch on of his toys

-looks completely different from the other cats of his litter


For the past 5 days our class has been working on our “Geek Out” blog post. We were asked to write about something that you can talk ages about and that you have complete interest in. I chose to write about my cat and how I adore him with my full heart. However, this process was not completely smooth sailing. At many points I questioned my chosen topic and struggled to get all my ideas out on the page. If I were to recreate this post I would use a topic that I can talk even more about, something that will have me thinking for hours. On the other hand, I also did have easier points of this assignment. Talking about my cat and his story does come quite easily to me, but I think the information and detail I used was more surface level, rather than in depth. This does not change the fact that I learned a lot about my self during this process. I learned how diving deeper into my other interests could be more affective and unique to myself. Though I may go in a different direction after my reflection, this assignment is a great opportunity for me to improve and grow my learning path.