As you have seen, for our class project we have been talking about how we can relate Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and make it appeal to a modern audience. In this post I want to scrap completely “making it appeal” and just see what modern day teenagers think about Romeo and Juliet.

My friend actually has a podcast regarding modern day teenagers and how they view things in life. His name is Ben and if you would like to check it out you can find his podcast link here!

I have asked a few of my friends what they think of Shakespeare and here are their answers….

”Meh. I guess this project was fun but I don’t see how Shakespeare is going to relate to me in 20 years. He is going to be an irrelevant part of my life regardless of what job I go into except if I become an English teacher. But ya, I guess its not bad learning about him now I just don’t see the relevancy.” – Kaden

”I actually really enjoy learning about Shakespeare. It is really interesting and gives us a great perspective on how the early forms of English were spoken and written.  It resembles a modern day play and yes the language is hard to understand but its important to understand the roots of our language and pretty much where we came from.”-Malaika

“Shakespeare is really cool! I think Romeo and Juliet was definitely the right choice when it came to picking a play for our class to analyze. I enjoy the language even though it was hard to understand. I can see why schools teach Shakespeare but I also do not understand why it is such a huge part of our high school lives. I can see where both Kaden and Malaika are coming from.”-Ben


So ya, I think a modern day audience of 16 year old kids have mixed opinions. Some don’t think Shakespeare is relevant to them, other do. I found this mini survey very interesting.

Cya Next time!