Molecule Coding!

Hello! Welcome back to my stunning blog! I have finished yet again another project (woah)!! Today Im gonna be talking about my COOL GAME!! I created a game that displays the KMT! The KMT is the Kinetic Molecular Theory. We used a program called Scratch to create our games, you can check their website out here! 

At the start of this project we were able to create a project-start mind map on MindNode. Here we were able to map all of our ideas out, and ask all of our questions we had. At the end of this project, we will answer all of these questions again!

We started to get an insight on how this project would work, and how we would create our games. We spent some time getting used to the programme and we got to play around with the tutorials! At this point we knew quite a bit on the KMT and molecules, as we spent quite a bit of time working on textbooks. We spent a few classes just learning about the KMT using textbooks, and videos. With all this knowledge we would be able to create a game to the best of our abilities! There was also one point where we got to go into the other scimatics room and we watched the teacher light bubbles on fire! It was amazing!!! I caught it on video, you can watch it here:


Than at one point, we knew enough about molecules to create our own. These we would use in our game! I made quite a few! Here they are! We used a chart-like image to create a place to organize our molecules. We used a different example to draw each one. We will use these designs later!  

Now its time to build our game. There is nothing quite else to do! We have all of our molecules drawn, we know enough about the kmt, to start. For my game, I decided it was best to do a simulator. I will show you all of the coding I did to create my game! And the project idea board will be here too!

And here is the curricular competencies I had to follow throughout this project. I do feel that I successfully demonstrated the best of my abilities overall on this project. (Accomplished).

And yeah! Thanks for reading my blog post, have a good day! 


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