We went down to Oregon to interview different businesses to produce an advertisement poster for them. My groups company was Wolf Haven. We went down to the Hatfield wetlands and learned about the different animals and about how to identify their gender by looking at their bodies. We went to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and learned about tsunamis because they have a high chance of happening in this area. We learned how to run an experiment by using shrimp. We had the shrimp run down a tube trying to figure out which one would go faster based on size and gender. We also went to the smallest harbour in the world called Depoe Bay. We went to Yaquina Head Beach and saw tidal pools and the varied and abundant creatures that reside inside. While exploring the tidal pools,I was able to see a seal give birth on a rock not far away. This was an amazing event to be lucky enough to experience firsthand and something I will never forget. While we were in Oregon. we made a journal about all the things we did so that we can remember this trip for years to come.


Oregon was a memorable and enriching experience for me. Learning outside of the traditional classroom setting allowed me to see and experience things that would not have been possible otherwise. I was able to apply my knowledge and skills in a real-world setting by working on a project for a business and learning about the environment and its inhabitants and how they relate to each other. The trips to various locations, such as wetlands, Marine Science Center, and the Yaquina Head Beach, provided me with a deeper appreciation and understanding of nature. Overall, Oregon was a valuable learning opportunity, and I am grateful for the experience and opportunity.