How it Started How its Going summative post

When I started doing the how its going/started project I was pretty confused. I remember when the second milestone came along (worldview collage) I didnt know what I was doing, at the time I was thinking “what am I going to do what am I going to do what am I going to do?” I was clueless. At the time I was also scared of having PLP for the whole day, so I was pretty worried about a lot of things.

Near the end of the project is when my aches started to come in and for a lot of the time I wasn’t in class. Even though I was home I still wanted to get milestone 5 done because I heard about it when I was actually in school. So I got to work at home. I started by asking my friends what I needed to accomplish for milestone 5 on my discord server, he sent me an example and told me some of the criteria so I got to work here was my first try

The next day when I came in milestone 5 was due and I also noticed that I read the criteria wrong and I had to redo milestone 5. And after a bit of thinking and trail and error I finally finished my milestone 5 (after class after it was due). Here was the finished project:

Lots of the things that happened many years ago during the Medieval and Renaissance era that carried on to civilization today. The reason we have a society today is because of the things that our ancestors did decades ago. Example: the hierarchy system.

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