Blogging challenge: free choice

A couple of days ago I tried to pick up Minecraft speed running. Minecraft speed running is a form of speed running where you try to kill the ender dragon as fast as you can. So after I tried many many times of didn’t and bad spawns and more I realized that speed running is WAY harder than it seems.most of the time of my failed speed runs is the cause of bad spawns or me being to slow at building a nether portal.

The reason I tried speed running was mainly because that Minecraft speed running became extremely popular and plagued YouTube with all these different Minecraft you tubers. I also wanted to try out speed running because I thought it would be fun, even if I had a bad run and only completed the run in like an hour I thought it would still be fun.

So after lots of tries I thought to my self “wow, I thought this was gonna be a piece of cake” an oh boy I was wrong. So moral of the story: “things might be harder than they seem.” So does all of this mean I’m gonna stop trying? No. I’m gonna keep going and try to get better. so I guess the other moral of the story is: “dont give up”.

(I would record myself trying to speed run but my computer is very very bad so my FPS count would be like 2)

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