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At the very beginning it was going fine, I wasn’t in school much because of my leg pains but I still managed to get to school enough to understand what was going on and what I had to do. It sounded fairly difficult: wright a letter to a person or group about a problem in Canada you find needs to be solved and fixed.

 When the day came where we had to research and write the letter, I was all over the place. See my problem (regenerative agriculture) was not a very known thing, so there wasn’t much information online about the subject. I looked around, searching and going onto different websites trying to find out everything I could about this problem, but there was almost nothing. So I thought of other things I could fix, and then it hit me. I was going to work on pesticides! I thought it was brilliant. So I searched up everything I could and I found a lot of information, and with the help of some classmates I handed in the first draft, then I edited it, and so on and so forth.

 I learned a lot about synthetic pesticides like how they increase rates of cancer, they can give you itchy noses, stinging eyes, and more minor things. I also learned that synthetic pesticides seep into dirt making that soil soaked full of pesticides getting even more pesticides on crops when planted.

 I also learned a lot about organic pesticides, I learned about an organic pesticide called neam leaf which is an organic oil that brings more flavour to crops and breaks down faster, its also only toxic to bugs. I learned that Terramera is one of the biggest agriculture companies in Canada that sell organic pesticides.

I think I did pretty good for the first project of the year. I feel like I was ready for school and I tried my best to put in all the work I could. I wasn’t in school all the time but I think I did as much as a person with leg pains could. But I do think I should look in basecamp more and be more aware of what is going on in class, I would usually be confused but I want to change that by looking at the road map way more.

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