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This post will be all about me. Hope you enjoy it.

About me: I love sports mostly physical ones. Like Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, and Hockey. I also like watching Sunday football with my dad and friends. Football is probably my favourite sport to watch. I also love spending time outdoors. Every time I  went outside I would always come back with dirty hands and knees. Since elementary school I’ve always disliked school. I mean I liked hanging out with my friends like everyone else. But ever since I’ve been at  high school I’ve enjoyed school now I love the PLP program, like the type of learning. I like the freedom for example how you’re allowed to go anywhere you want for lunch as long as you get back for the bell. And the lockers are so cool. Im also not that great with questions I don’t read over the questions. Like for example I will just read like three words of the question and then submit an answer. This kind of sucks for maker projects because for each project we always have a driving question.

Below is some pictures that represent me: The first picture is just stuff I like for example I like hockey mountain biking and eating food. The second picture is my name just in different letters and objects.

This next video shows something that I’m surprised about. The Vancouver canucks my favourite NHL hockey team is doing really bad this season so I was surprised that they won a game especially to a good team and won 4-0 which is pretty good.

About Me presentation

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