Hi everyone. For this Blog post I will be writing about the PLP team contract for my table group and also a little bit about myself.

A team contract explains how team players can contribute to their group project with their own strengths and weaknesses. A team player has to follow the team contract when working on PLP group assignments so our group can work the best as it can. Each team player in the group has to compliment other team players and work together using their strengths and weaknesses to make the best project they can.

What are my strengths and weaknesses?  Well in this blog post you’ll find out.

My strengths for my group are: I’m good at presenting and standing up in front of a crowd to make a public speech. I can memorize speeches as well. I think this is because I practice a lot.  I can also be very vocal in my group. For example, I’m not afraid to share lots of ideas and I’m okay if the ideas are not used. I’m also a fast thinker. I’m good with quick math equations and thinking on the spot if we have a time limit. Another strength is that I am also fluent in French. Which is good and bad…because I need to work on my English grammar which brings me to my weaknesses.

My weaknesses for my group: Are that I’m not that great of a listener. I can either just space out and not listen or I may interrupt you. Yes I know this may be annoying. But there is a solution to this, just remind me to listen and not interrupt. Another weakness that I am working to improve is that I am not super tech savvy. But like most people I love tech. I know a lot about technology in my opinion but when it comes to navigating apps like Basecamp I’m not the guy you want to ask. Once I get more experience using Basecamp and other tech I hope to be better at it.

As part of the group I will be the person that gives ideas and possibly presents if the rest of the group wants me to. I will not be the person that draws I can be good at drawing if I take my time but I’m not that great at taking my time as I get distracted ted easily. I will not be writing the paragraphs for my group as I was in French Emerson in elementary school so we didn’t learn to much about English for example I probably only spent 2 hours a week on English sometimes less sometimes more. So I’m not that great at English grammar. But I’m currently tutoring one of my friends for French so if we ever have to do anything for that in humanities or maker me and this other kid in my table group called Callum were both in French immersion together so we will probably be doing most of the work for French stuff although we will probably never do that. Everyone in the table groups has a certain job or different skill and weaknesses. Our group has a whole bunch of different skills to help their teammates. I expect everyone to pull their one weight and help the group as much as possible.

Below is my Memoji in school we had to make these to represent ourselves. We had to make a Memoji and then put it into keynote after that we had to pull images of the internet that represent us for example I chose a bunch of mountain biking photos. And after that we had to instant alpha the photos to get rid of the background. And then put a white outline around the photos to make it look like a real sticker on your Memoji laptop.


This here is part of my user manual. What is a user manual? A user Manuel is a manual about yourself put into third person and you had to describe yourself as a product. In other words its a couple of pages about yourself. I have two different photos here that I took from my user manual. One picture is about if you have a problem than the solution is also there to help you. The second photo is my settings like I have four different settings its more about myself in other words.



Below is a sketch of what I bring to the PLP table to help my group.

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