You’re a farmer in the late 1700’s growing everything for yourself living off of your own supplies. When suddenly factories emerged right out of the blue stealing your chores at home to self provide turning into getting things delivered to your door. You have to get used to this new way of life not knowing it would affect the world and the people and animals on it. You move to America as you need money and not things to trade you get a job in a America as a steam boat conductor in the Erie Canal every day for 10 hours a day you travel back and fourth not knowing how much pollution you’re causing not knowing how much it will harm the world. Until one new day you find a new and improved steam engine in your boat it suddenly moves faster has a higher gear and you can get back got your family after completing all of your runs. Not knowing that this would make the world have less pollution and be the building base of all the new inventions. Your son gets a job long after you die running the trans continental railway making it easier and more cost and environmentally efficient transporting goods al the way from the Midwest to the Atlantic coast.

Your great great grandson is born his name is Keaton Schisler you have no idea how much global warming has been caused from your steam engine that you ran back and forth across the canal. You have no idea how much your great great grandson has to make speeches to help the environment in total he has made 4 speeches in front of his elementary school 1 speech in front of his district to ban plastics and one slam poem on the consequences of the Industrial Revolution to his class. In the project he did his poem in he had to answer a question: How can slam poetry help us connect to world life issues. Your great great grandson answered that it is a terrific and emotional way to get your point across. To make people want to change to fix the problems of the earth or fix anything or do anything that needs doing. He enjoyed that project for example he liked writing and editing the slam poem and learning about the Industrial Revolution. He thought it was a great project as he likes talking about the health of the planet. Here is his Slam Poem

Slam poem

Long after your great great grandson dies the human race is dead and all the signs of the human race is gone, forgotten forever while the animals are thriving in their old environment they used to have before people ruined it. Before war and the steam engine. We caused this we fare now suffering the consequences.

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