“Thank you for coming to my presentation on learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

I will first start by talking about my experience in science and how I can grow and what I did well then I will talk about my experiences in humanities showing my growth and what I did well and finally, I will write about my experience in Maker showing what I did well, what I can improve on, and how I will improve.

Firstly in science we did 4 projects: Life as we know it, Handle with Care , Essential Elements, and finally Exciting Electricity. My favourite project so far has been Life as we know. It was the very first project we did in science this year. I liked this project the most because I was able to work the best without distractions and there was a lot of writing assignments. For example the Instagram posts we made which is so far my favourite assignment in science this year. I say this because we got to use our creativity to make 5 different Instagram on how to solve our choice of global warming.

In science, I could grow by staying on task some more. To achieve this I could not sit with my friends once or twice a week. Because they do play a role in distractions. I’m not saying they cause all my distractions but sitting away from them a couple of times a week could be helpful. Another solution could be to make my focus mode for school better getting rid of apps that aren’t related to school. Another problem I have is not paying attention when Ms. Kadi is giving us lectures on different subjects when we’re supposed to take notes. I need to remember what she’s saying so that I can apply that later on different assignments to get a more sophisticated grade. To solve this problem I can again offload apps that aren’t related to school because that can draw my mind away, I could take notes, or I could just close my IPad and take mental notes.

In Humanities we did 3 projects the first was the Power of Geography and the second was Storm the Barricades we also just finished Full Steam Ahead where we made a slam poem and learned about the Industrial Revolution. My favourite  project by far was Power of Geography. That was when we went to Alberta and the Rockies. We were on a week-long trip with all our friends having a super fun time going to fun tourist attractions and eating tasty food. for the learning part of things we made a book on all the big attractions we went to whilst answering a driving question: What made and makes the west? My answer was tourism. I said this because going on this trip and touring BC with my family I realized how much tourism funds the economy of cities like Banff and Whistler. 


On that trip, we spent a lot of time on our bus where I didn’t do any work so if we do get the opportunity to go on a field study I want to at least work during school hours on the bus.

In Maker, we focus more on projects where we build stuff or make videos. So this year we first started learning how to make a short video just making different short films then we made the documentary next we made the stop motion video and other short videos and we finally finished the roller coaster project where we learned about kinetic energy and constructed a model roller coaster out of toilet paper rolls and tape. My favourite project was the documentary because it honed my movie-making skills and making and interviewing Gordon Dick was tons of fun. It was also very cool to edit the movie and take drone shots and making the music on garage band. 

I don’t think there was anything I could have done to improve my documentary as Ms. Kadi said it was the best of the bunch but I do have one really big weakness which would be creativity and my dad is not a very creative person. So we just rely on our knowledge to carry us through school and work. So making the movies and the documentary was a challenge as I could not come up with many ideas. So next time I will push myself to try and find more creative solutions to make it look more visually appealing. To do this I could just browse different effects, music, transitions, or just anything really to just make it more appealing to my audience. 

To grow in school for the next semester I have 3 big goals. My first goal would be to only do my school work when I’m at school and if I am going to do things that don’t relate to school I will make sure my works is all done in all my classes then I will look over all my work to revise and check for mistakes. My next goal would be to try to get more creative so that my final product looks more stylish and personal. To achieve this goal I can maybe draw a bit at home to get more creative I can also just incorporate my worldview into my work to make it more personal. My final goal for next semester is to revise my work. If I did revise my work I would be able to make it to the best of my ability and again make it more creative and reflect my worldview and personality. To be able to succeed I can look over my work once to after I do it then give it a night to find anything I could do then I will look over it one more time before I hand it in.

Thank You so much for attending my Mpol. I hope to impress you next semester to achieve these goals that I have set for myself. 

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