Loot Lake 🤪🤪🤪

Loon Lake: what a time. Loon Lake was a learning advance where we stayed overnight at the loon Lake resort in Maple Ridge for three nights. We did a lot of fun activities while also learning. Unfortunately on night two I wasn’t feeling very good so I went home the next morning so I didn’t get the full experience. So if this post is lacking that’s why.  

We came to school At the normal time but with all of our luggage. We then got onto a bus and left school at around 1 to 130. It was about an hour and a half drive out there and once we got there the first thing we did was start a nature scavenger hunt. We took some cool pictures and got to know the location better. I think after that we did some more work and then it was dinner. I was very excited for dinner because I was told the food was good. We got there it smells really good and it was lasagna. it was amazing and made me look forward to all the other meals the following week. You had handsome mandatory fun time doing in bed I was very tired so I didn’t have a hard time getting into bed but the bed sucked so bad I got almost 0 sleep that night.

Day 2 was basically the same thing but more of it. Again the food was amazing for breakfast. I can’t exactly remember what happened on day two but I know it was a lot of fun for lunch and after lunch it was all work and very boring. Mostly worked on DI and a little bit of the seven habits. Seven habits are essentially steps to live by to be a more effective person in life. Dinner was also amazing but afterwards I had a lot of work to do so I went to my room to do it. I guess there was an evening fun time we had to do and I wasn’t allowed to be in my room so I got yelled at by Miss Williams and was told to go have “fun”. That’s why I started feeling very unwell and very tired and I guess some of my other  friends felt the same so the teachers grouped us together, the people who felt sick, to self isolate. The next morning I felt pretty bad still so I went home.

At home all I really did was sleep and played Apex Legends. My rapid test came back negative but I still felt symptoms so I still had to self isolate. I worked on some of my book as well. Speaking of the boom I forgot to mention that. We had a book we had to write in everyday at loon lake about our experience. Mines not looking to good becuase I didn’t take a lot of pictures and I missed a day but whatcha gunna do. Here it is tho 



IIn conclusion I feel like I took a lot away from this trip regardless of my shorted time frame. I’m definitely more prepared for future field studies and know what it’s like to be with your team 24/7. I also learned a lot about the 7 habits and what to start applying them to my life. Like put first things first and begin with the end in mind. I think next time on field studies I should be more prepared to do more work because I was kind of caught off guard. I should also bring different shoes becuase the ones I brought sucked so bad.

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