Yao Ming in the Gold Rush⁉️🧐🤪

What it do my Slimes, Slatts, Vamps or Twizzy’s welcome back to the Slime Slatt blog! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a blog so let’s just jump right into it. With this project we went straight into where we left off last year with the gold rush. At the end of last year we just started a gold rush project and for some reason it got cancelled so here we where doing it for real this time.

Like every other PLP project this once started out with a lot of research, conversations and worksheets. We spent the first week or two just doing research and getting ready to start to form the end product of the project. Speaking of end project I haven’t even explained what this project was about. In this project we had to form a historically accurate character, story and setting about the gold rush from different points of view based on what group you picked. At first look at the options I saw Chile up there so my first thought was to go for that because that’s where I’m from. As the time came to start doing for precise research on our specific groups I found it was incredibly difficult to find any information relevant to the BC gold rush. The next day I went up to my teacher and asked her if I was aloud to change to Chinese because I knew they played a huge role in this event and thought it would be way easier to collect research on it. Once I got the go ahead I was happy to know that I was right and it was WAY easier to find information and to kind of start drawing a mental storyboard.

Once we finished our research we had to form a fictional or non-fictional character to be our main character in our story. Coming with this character creation we had to make a character sheet I guess which had to include your characters name, occupation, some information on him or her and 2 tools or utensils they use. Me being me I decided my character was going to be Yao Ming but I guess Yao Ming wasn’t aloud for some reason so instead I used my imagination to create an alternate version of Yao Ming named Xäö Łïńg which is pronounced                         Zi-ah Oo-Me-Eek and i photoshopped a cool hat and old clothing on him you can’t even tell it’s Yao Ming. If you ask me it’s pretty original and creative. Anyways now that I had a entirely new character I gave him a little bit of info at two tools, a pickaxe and railway spike.


After we finished our character cards we went right into the story preparation with a story board where we took all our info and character and made a semi historically accurate story. Last year we learned a lot about filming and writing stories so making a story board was light work and also a really great way to help write the story and pace it out. This was probably the part I enjoyed the most because I was bouncing ideas off my dad and just overall had a fun time creating it. The story board was split into 3 acts, the beginning, the obstacle and the climax. Here’s a picture of it if you want to read it but in short act 1 is about introducing Xäö and his goal to get rich in BC, the 2nd act is about the struggles of being a Chinese immigrant and how it can be hard to make a living and such and act 3 is the fate of most workers, death and a sad ending. If you want more depth feel free to read:


with this done it was now time to move on to the actual creation of the story. With the story board done I felt like I had a lot of room to work with and it really felt like it was coming together. Personally I thought it was pretty good and original but I guess there where some story and grammar issues. Anyway if you want to read it I’ll put it below but really it’s what the storyboard is in way more detail.

Overall I’m not gonna cap this project was low key boring. I know it dosnt sound very pro active and growth mindset of me but I’ve always hated doing early BC stuff since like grade 4. It never appealed to me and I found it incredibly boring. Now I’m not saying I didn’t try because I definitely did I’m just saying that it wasn’t my cup of tea yk. I do although feel like I got a little more insight on how hard it could really be back than trying to strike rich but not too much I didn’t already know. Thats it for this one see y’all next time.


– Landon

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