What the flip is up gang gang and welcome back to the slimiest, slattiest, bestest blog, the Slime Slatt Blog. This project was slightly different than the projects we’re used to as this one took place in Florida at Disney world. The end goal for this project was to make 5 trend videos for TikTok while we were staying at Disney, and the driving question was “how do I make effective personal design choices?”
I can do this by properly planning out my video ideas and making prototypes or rough drafts of my videos to get a proper and accurate idea of what I want my videos to look like. Some tools I can use to help me with this are apps like noteability for the drawing board, craft for notes and research and cap cut for editing the prototypes and the real thing to perfection.

The first part of this project took place around 3 weeks prior to takeoff which gave us plenty of time to brain storm and research but before we even got to that point we first had to start with a personal productivity planner. All this really was was just the cleaning and organizing of our iPad and it’s folders, along with setting up dates, times and schedules for our trip and current work at school.

Next we had to actually research and plan our TikTok’s. The videos could be heavily based on already existing trends or you could do your own. It was actually surprising how much freedom they gave us with this task as the only guidelines where that you had to be in 3 of them and you can only do 2 group ones leaving you with 5 videos in total. I spent a good amount of time researching and planning my TikTok’s to make it as simple and easy when I was there so I knew when and where I needed to shoot my videos.

if your curious about the researching phase you can look at it here.

The last thing we had to do before we left for Florida was to film, edit and create 5 draft videos of our actual videos we where going to film while there. This was actually pretty simple but also highly effective because it allowed me to recognize where my video was flawed or needed to be changed awhile still giving me time to reconsider the videos. While I was doing this I didn’t actually realize how much time and work editing only a small video took and I was not ready to film in fear of “what if I mess up then I can’t go back” or something along those lines. This made me really thing hard about exactly how I wanted these videos to come out to ensure that mistakes where not made.

here’s one of my prototypes for everything I eat in a day at Disney prototype

Finally the day came where we had to get up at 3 am in order to get on our flight on time. Right away I already had to start filming for my videos and we didn’t even get to the airport yet. Anyway throughout the trip I took the shots I needed to take and filmed what I needed to film but if imma be honest, I wasn’t entirely on track of the filming at times because when your at the happiest place on earth the first thing that comes to mind isn’t exactly school work. (More like a pirate sword 🗡) All in all I got the shots I needed for my videos and I’m actually really proud and impressed at myself on how they turned out. Editing was a bit of a pain but it was all worth it in the end.


overall this trip was a really fun and exciting way to learn and also have fun. I’m super glad and grateful for all the hard work put into making this possible and thankful for my ability to have these kind of opportunities. I’ve also gained way more respect for video editors as it was way harder and more time consuming then I thought it would be even for a short 60 second video. During this project there was times where I had to remember that I was here for school which did end up putting off task but in the end I pushed through the long days to get everything done. When it comes down the organization I feel like I did a pretty good job on planning it out to ensure that my videos could be done in a creative and efficient way. Thank you and adios 👋

(Again, thank you for the pirate sword it’s hung up in my room)







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