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Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

Hello hello and welcome to my 3rd and final TPOL. Now I’m sure you know the whole deal with these Pols now so I won’t go into the explanation of it but it’s pretty much just talking about my learning throughout the year and how I’ll carry over that learning into next year to become an even better student learner. We’ll be going over all my classes this year which include Maker, Humaities, Math+Science, PGP and we can skip gym. So throughout this blog/presentation we’ll be going over my FAILs, growths, highlights, and everything in between so let’s get into it.


Humanities has never my strong suit when it comes to the plp classes but I feel like this year I’ve been able to break away from my old habits when it comes to this class and really start applying myself and getting my priorities straight. We had 6 humanities projects this year and I feel like for the most part I put my best foot forward and got it done but with all the success there were also FAILs and room for improvement.

Woo Hoos!: 

Maintaining a consistent level of work

Focusing more on work

not putting humanities last

putting more effort into humanities

Boo Hoos!: 

“Loop holes”

not using class time effectively

participation In group discussions

There’s really 2 projects this year that stand out as being a major improvement in humanities and those are save Juno beach and Lies and incongruencias. These projects both had something in common being that they were both mainly writing based projects. Again I’m not the greatest writer but o feel like I definitely showed a new side of me in these projects showcasing my writing abilities. The reason I feel this way about these projects is because I maintained a consistent pace of work. Very very little things where handed in late the the quality of the work I feel like went up because I was putting more time and effort into my writings. Now I didnt do anything outstanding like a rainbow or something but it’s more like a personal win letting myself know that I’m capable of doing this kind of work at a consistent and effect level of the course of a whole project.


Maker is definitely my favourite class this year and with the fun project we did this year it lived up the its name. Although we only had 2 projects in this class I really feel like I was able to let my creative descion making go wild with making short videos in Disney to making podcasts on whatever we wanted, both of these projects which I really tried hard in and had a passion for.

Woo Hoos!: 

lots of thought going into it


Learning new medium techniques

Boo Hoos!:

over evaluation of time

not using class time effectively

Boring classes (respectfully)

My most proud project in this class out of the two would prolly be the podcast series. I know that I may be behind but there’s a very good reason for that. When we first started this project I thought we had sooooo much time, maybe even too much time, so I spent a lot of class goofing off until I realized that there was only 3 weeks left of school and I hadn’t done my first episode yet. That’s when I locked in and started grinding out the rest of the series. For the episodes I have out now I think that it shows my ability to take something I’m passionate about and turn it into a form of learning and education for the public. I also found this project a great entry to indulge myself in even more music and educate myself and others on the upbringing and stories/evolution of my favourite artists.


This was my first year with careers so I wasn’t too sure what to expect when it came to handing it work but it was actually kind of fun. We started out learning about different occupations and thinking about what we wanted to do post secondary. Second part of careers was all about money, applying yourself, finances all that good stuff. The first part of careers was 100% the harder part because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do and still don’t. I’d like to say the class helped me but it really didn’t becuase I honestly don’t know. The second half was much more useful as I’m not good with money so it was like a wake up call or a warning to start making more than I spend and help prepare my money spending for the future.

Woo Hoos!:

a genuine interest in the topics

lots of engaging activities

valubale lessons learned

Boo Hoos!:

Ocasiónale slacking off

distracted by surroundings

This class was probably one of the more useful classes I’ve taken as it really emphasizes on real world issues which i need to be prepared for. This project didn’t really have anything that I feel like stood out too much so I’ll just be using the business cards. I’m not gonna lie I think I could’ve done a much better job on them as I didn’t spend as much time on them as I should’ve because I thought they where just going to be an unmarked little stepping stone activity type of thing. I know that’s no excuse for not putting in work but I didn’t think anything of it and it won’t happen again in the future.

Math + Science : 

I covered these 2 topics way more in depth in my Mpol this year so I won’t really go to deep into it but math and science this year where my first “normal” school classes so I was not ready for it as scimatics did not prepare for pre calc or science for that matter. I found myself getting really frustrated with the work and not being able to keep up with the work load or being able to understand the curriculum but as I got closer to the end of the classes I finally found myself being able to properly Adress the work and how to evenly distribute my time to spend on the classes and to not get upset over little homework sheets. With this I think that I’m ready to go forward in my mathematical and scientific careers in highschool and be able to take the strategies taught by my father and the previous books we’ve read in plp and apply the skills into my work to keep a growth mindset and level head.

How have I shown growth as a learner?

This year was a great year to end plp on as I feel like this was the year that I finally found my style of learning, how to produce my best work and how to be able to properly be able to use time (kind of). With all the classes and projects I talked about earlier I think their all a good representation of how far I’ve come as a learner and how much I’ve been able to accomplish when it comes to bad habits or overall work performances I think there’s a very big difference amongst the years. One of the bad habits I’m most proud of breaking is my terrible terrible habit of procrastination. Yes I know there’s still a little bit here and there but it’s improved tremendously. I’ve gone from doing things the night before or handing it in late to being done at least 2-3 days before or one day late but with a higher quality work. It took me a long time to break this and I think what helped a lot was to be more self aware when I’m doin something that’s not productive. Like if I notice that I’ve been playing 2k for too long I’ll take mental note, get off and buckle down on the work. Another thing I’m proud to show off is the amount of effort I’ve been putting towards my work. Just in this year alone I got more rainbows then the last two years combined and that’s becuase I actually tried this year and wanted to do better.

Now of course with all of these fantastic habit breaking going around there’s still more to be done. This year has also been very fun and with that came a lot of goofing off with my friends. If I’m gonna be honest I think that’s kind of inevitable to happen but there’s ways that I can minamize the amount of Tom foolery that happens in class by 1. Sitting apart from my friends or 2 letting them know I actually have to get stuff done, put in the AirPods and lock in. Another habit I need to break is using class time properly. I noticed that this year I found myself doing a lot of work at home and not enough work at school. If I’m gonna be hosent tho I do some of my best work at home because there’s less distractions and easy access to food but class time is given for a reason and I need to utilize that especially for next year as it won’t get any easier. Now with all that out of the way time for the main question…

Why do I feel like I’m ready to go to the next grade?

I think that im ready to go to the next grade for a few reasons. One of these reasons being that I feel like I’ve identified my weakness and thing I need to work on and I’ve applied skills I’ve learned throughout the year to get over those challenges. I think this is a very important skill to have especially as I used to get very overwhelmed with work but now I think I have it under control to where I can do it with little guidance. Another reason is because I’ve matured a ton academically. I know I’m very immature in every other aspect but I do think that when it comes to school work I’ve began to understand the importance of it and started to prioritize it over other less important things.

Overall I think I can say this year has been a huge success with finding my own grove and becoming a much better learner as I am becoming a better person and with all the difficulties I overcame this year I think it’s safe to say that I’m ready for whatever next year brings my way and that I’m prepared to take on grade 11 with a positive attitude and mindset.

Thank you all for reading/listening



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