Religious Worldviews and The Winter Exhibition!

Hey y’all! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted and I thought I’d tell you a big part of what I’ve been doing for the past month or two(ish).

In school we’ve been learning about different types of worldviews. Which I did another blog post about my worldveiw a little while ago. This time we learned all about religious worldviews.

When learning about these our teachers did something really cool and actually drove us to 6 different religious sights such as, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Temple, a Sikh Temple, a Buddhist monastery, a Christian church, a Jewish Synagogue, and a Mosk.

When we were there we got to ask questions look around and take photos. I really enjoyed being able to see everything instead of just researching it.



Not only were we able to take photos at the religious sites we were also able to make a photo documentary to share with others.

Winter Exhibition!

Every year PLP hosts a Winter Exhibition showcasing what we’ve learned about. For this years Exhibition our class presented religious worldviews.

The way we showed this was by separating into groups, where each group would be given a religion to showcase. The religion that my group got was Hinduism 🕉.

The weeks before the exhibition it was all about making posters to not only show what our religion is but to also have these 7 factors of information.



And after making +20 poster drafts we finally made one which not only looked pretty decent, it demonstrates these key factors as well.


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