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As many of you might know from one of my more recent posts. My class went on a trip to Alberta to answer a driving question. As I said I made another blog post about this which you can check out here.

This blog post is about my learning and how I continued to better my understanding of this even through the lack of sleep and sickness.


I think this trip I did well, I think I learned and took apart in the activities we did. One challenge that I had was lack of sleep but I think that might’ve been partly my fault. When I could’ve been sleeping on the bus or in the hotel rooms I was usually not. I tried my best to go to bed early but I’m bad at sleeping so this didn’t really happen and so I stay there in bed for eternity.



Besides the lack of sleep another reason I found there was a lot of information given to us really fast. A way I was able to continue to learn even with this was to listen to some music, relax, and reflect on what we just learned. I did this quite a lot when we were in the bus going to different places. Something that also seemed to help me was the daily journal we made. This was a great way to look back on what we did everyday.

Open Liam’s Alberta Daily Note

The biggest thing I regret not doing is researching about the places we were going to more. I did a bit of research for each place but I wish I went into a little more detail. That would’ve helped me plan my final video better and I would’ve had something to look forward to when I’m visiting a place. So overall I think I did well this trip and now I know what I should pay more attention to for the big grade 10 trip🤗.





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