TikToks And Nationalism!


If you’ve made it to 2020 without hearing about TikTok, I congratulate you since this app has blown up in popularity recently with about 1.5 billion downloads worldwide. To put this in perspective Instagram which has been around for much longer than TikTok has about 4.5 million downloads. If those numbers seem surprising to you, well me too. Those might be incorrect. Anyway back to what I meant to talk about. TikTok is an app where you can share and creat videos of any kind, because of the creativity that goes into making a TikTok we decided it would be fun to make some of our own and make it into a fun project. If you would like to learn more about TikTok here’s an article I found that goes more into detail about TikTok.

The driving question of this project is “How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?” To properly answer this driving question we spent the next couple of weeks to learn about nationalism and how it can make a significant change to the world. We also talked about why memes are such a big thing nowadays and better definitions of what a meme is. We believe the reason memes survive is because of Richard Dawkins theory that memes are something that evolve through natural selection and the bad memes tend to die off quicker. We also talked about his definition of what a memes is, which is “a unit of cultural transmission” and a meme can only be considered a meme if it is widely agreed upon. Now that we know this we can see how TikToks follow Dawkins theory very well as they are always evolving and the dance trends are always changing as people are putting their own unique spin on it.

My TikToks: 

I made tree different TikTok types to show the variety of videos you can create using this app. I believe this is a big reason TikTok has so many people using it as you can put as much creativity as you want into it.






I hope you’ve enjoyed! 👋

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