Radical inovations

1. The new ideas that changed the world would be the printing press, the clock, and the newest medical inovations. 2. The torch was in my opinion the most important thing before the renisants because it was able to carry flames from one place to another, I also put art in there, because before the renaissance art was starting to be more popular and people were starting to get into making art. 3. So many ideas that changed my world was my iPad and I put it in there to represent as if it was like a newer version of the printing press something else. I also change my life would be the Apple Watch because it’s pretty much just like a tiny phone on your wrist And I put in a bottle of medicine to represent the medical inasions from this day 4. these ideas from Europe and Asia, change the world by the printing press being able to spread knowledge the medical invasions being able to help somebody when they are sick and the clock by letting people tell time.


Over all I had learned how to use Super Impose X to edit and add things in to the pictures that I used for my amazing tryptic that I had made I also got to learn the tool mask in super imposer X, using that mask tool I was able to edit my self on to a really old guy from the renaissance, I was also able to make layers on the tryptic so I could make back drops for each of the pictures that i later on made in to the tryptic, once i did that i used the layer tool again and added in all of the pictures like the iPad, the torch, the clock, etc, after i used notability and added all of the pictures together then handed them in.


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