destination imagination, part 2

Since January, we’ve been trying to reach the destination of our “imagination.” Its been a long and hard journey, but now its over. This post is going to be me reflecting on DI part 2 and my HONEST opinion on it. Before I start, I’m going to link my first DI blog post right here, which I recommend you read first. I go more in depth about what DI is, unlike this blog post which will be everything besides that.

A big part of having the chance of doing DI for a second chance, was revising and fixing things. It was a second chance to make everything better. What my group aka “Imagination of 5” changed from DI part one to DI part two was the following.

#1. Changing the story a tad. I would get really in depth with this, because I was one of the main people to write the story.. but in order to understand it, you would have to watch my performance. But, lets try… Instead of a character being banished, we made it so she ran away. We did this because it was more realistic, because we forgive her 2 minutes later.

DI part 1’s, lame award

#2. An extra group member! We started out with planning with 5, preformed as 4, then preformed part 2 with 5. This was VERY helpful. I had two characters to play, Amethyst, and the narrator. I had very little time to change between those times for part 1, then Sofia was able to make it for part 2 and became the narrator. She also did the very important part of controlling the lights on the rainbow.

#3. Altering the team choice elements. In DI part one, the lowest marks of ours were from them, so we obviously changed them. They were music, and costumes. We kept costumes but changed music to an item Aliva and Melanie created. Its a preeeety cool magical wand that lights up, that charcoal gets given. We didn’t change costumes because, it was just the music aspect. We didn’t have any music besides a little bit at the end. Our marks did go up in the team choice elements for part 2 because of this little change.

#4. Final touches!! We definitely practiced more which was definitely good. Just making sure everyone knew there lines. We also did little details of fixing things like the rainbow, clouds and costumes.

Us looking enthusiastic for the camera

Now, lets talk about my final thoughts on DI. Well, to summarize my experience with it would be, lots of hard work from some people and a few not so much. Definitely our groups biggest issue was doing the same amount of work as everyone else. We didn’t have trouble of creativity, it was just the getting the work done, equally. Some group members including me tried to change this, but it never worked out. But, the DI experience definitely taught me some stuff I’m gonna have with me the rest of my education “experience”

Us about to preform!
Our scores

So… now that DI is over, did I reach my imagination? Well, first of all I think DI should be called Destination Dedication. Why? Through out the process of DI, I wasn’t like “oh geez im so excited to reach my imagination.” Its more like “ah I cant wait to get first.” I think what you want to reach and the end of DI is your performance going well, DI being over, and getting first or something near that, more than reaching your “imagination.” The final destination I got to was, 2nd place, and light up rainbow I have 0 idea what to do with.


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