Destination Imagination Part 1

Hello! This is going to be the 1/2 blog posts to do with DI in 2018! On march 3rd me and my team consisting of Logan, Isabelle, Owen, and Robin named “The Droplets” competed in DI regionals! This post will breakdown each part of DI.

A dress rehearsal group photo minus me!


There were the options of Fine Arts, Science, Improv, Technical, and Engineering which I was put in. Here is a video to help you understand what me and my group had to solve!

So yeah… my group and I knew this was going to need a lot of hard work.


I was stepping out of my comfort zone being in an engineering challenge as engineering isnt something I do often… I was first nervous when I was placed in my group I mentioned above because I had never worked in a project with any of my team mates besides Logan. I didn’t know everyone’s strengths, and didnt know how it would go.


We first read over our rules of the road book for drop zone to learn the rules and to see where we need to get the most points. To make sure we all are doing work in the project we split up the major tasks. Event Dipicter Robin. Script, Isabelle and Luca. Structure, Owen and Logan. Backdrop/Costumes/Props, Luca and Isabelle. Now im going to go into depth on each element.


As a group we brainstormed a story that incopertated the weights getting dropped. We decided we wanted it to be based around a scientist testing earthquakes, tsunamis, and rockslides on three charecters. The story developed and changed as we wrote the script & revised.

After brainstorming, we ended up with the charecters Dr Underwood the seismologist, A teacher who is playing a documentary to his students (our preformance was the documentary)  Aqua, Rose, and Sunny the Droplet which are fairy/human like creatures.

A sketch I did to help organize all of my teams thoughts.



I didn’t partake in this category to much besides brainstorming ways we could make a structure under 170 grams (with no plastic aloud) that is made out of glue and wood that could hold 120 POUNDS! Owen was the one who built the amazing structure that held all the weight.

This was a very important part of this challenge and I learnt one of Owens strengths is engineering!




We had to have an event that uses scientific methods to depict an imporant part of our preformance in our story and because it was about seismology, the study of earthquakes/tectonic plates we decided to make an Seismograph. It is a machine that depicts what the magnitude of an earthquake! Robin was in charge of making it and I have to say he did an amazing job replicating a seismograph!!!

THE BACKDROP (team choice element #1)

This is the part where I really showed what im passionate about! Art! Me and isy wanted to make the backdrop more than just a backdrop so we decided to take one of our interests painting on canvas and turn it into our team choice elements. We made a 10ft by 6ft large painting canvas and here is how we did it.

Isy and I started with buying cotton fabric and wood planks to make the canvas backdrop. How? We first measured and cut the wood, put the cotton fabric over the wood outlines and stretched it around as tight as we could. We then stapled it to the back and trimmed the extra fabric, spritzed it with hot water to make the cotton even tighter and once dry painted it with half white paint and half carpenters glue to make the colors we are painting on top pop more. Finally we added hinges and it was done! We did this in a carpenters shop where my dad works. He taught Isy and I how to use all the tools safely we don’t cut off all our fingers or staple our arm to the canvas!!

Once the 10ft by 6ft canvas was built me and Isy took the sketch we had and painted the backdrop…

We did it a little different on the canvas, but long story short it took around 5 days to paint. Thats 5 days of afterschool (3:00pm to 9:00pm) of painting. Yes, very time consuming. I did the forestry mushroomy side and Isy did the science lab.

I think all the time and effort me and Isy put into the backdrop ending up paying off. I think the bright colors and clean lines helped enhance every other part of our preformance.


We had to obviously practice a bunch, which was easy as we had a good script, simple costumes & props. Coming into this years DI I wanted to make sure I dont run into the problem I had last year. Last year we had bit off too much to chew and it got very overwhelming so I made sure everything was simple, effective and made well this year.


I was very nervous before the preformance but I knew it was going to turn out alright as we had practiced a bunch and I could rely on eachother to improv if something went wrong.

Us bringing in our set for our preformance!


I think the preformance went way better than I expected. Isy, Robin and I had to improv a bit, but thats okay! I felt so relived everytime someone in the audience of over around 30 people laughed or smiled at something we said. Everything besides that the earthquake audio didn’t play, went well. Once it was over I felt so satisfied with our preformance and I think the audience enjoyed it.

And what you’ve been waiting for…. The video of the actual presentation!


“And the 1st place winners of Drop Zone seniors level are THE DROPLETS!”  Gets said over the mic in the award ceremony. We go to get our ribbons and get congratulated! Wow! I knew we did well but I had only seen one other drop zone group and I had no idea if we were going to place high or low!! Here is a video of me and my group receiving our 1st place ribbons.



Overall, im beyond proud of my group for working so hard and doing so well. This whole experiance of having a good group who is as devoted as I am really changed my perspective on DI. It went from pointless and stressful to a great learning opportunity. I’m ready to revise and preform at Provincials and hopefully bring home a 1st place trophy!

My groups raw score! Super proud of how High we scored on everything

(Another di pic)

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