Chemistry! Chemistry!

This right here is the newest science project my group and I created! This unit was on CHEMISTRY! The task for this project was to choose a chemical reaction, decide on a driving question, find an experiment that relates to the chemical reaction and driving question, create a keynote, and present! Before I dive into what I learnt, take a look at my keynote I made with Marshall and Tamara.


I am really proud of the keynote my group made, and I felt confident presenting it to grade 11s.


To express my learning, here is a mind map!

More of my learning was talked about in the keynote.


For this project, we got to make our own rubric. I’m going to share it here, and then go through some of them and show and explain proof of how I used them.

COMMUNICATION: This curricular competency is visible in the project as in every single slide there is little text, no distracting visuals and we would go into more depth more conversationally. Instead of reading a script we just made sure we knew what we were talking about so when our slide came up, we didn’t have to stare at our ipad. The slides, the information and us talking all are communicating with the audience.

PROCESSING AND ANALYZING DATA AND INFORMATION: For this project, there was a lot of research necessary. We needed to learn a lot about a acid base neutralization In order to make a whole presentation about it! I did research on where it occurs in our bodies, what it is, how it works, and an exciting experiment that can show acid base neutralization in a fun way.
I had to filter through a whole bunch of information to find and write things that were correct and simple to communicate with the audience. Also, the experiment took a lot of trial  and error in order for it to work. Every experiment we did we made sure to analyze the data to improve it.

PLANNING AND CONDUCTING: We did tons of planning and conducting. To tackle a project like this, it takes a lot of preparation and organization. My group worked really well dividing up the work and figuring out how to conduct the experiment safely, as this is a very very important part of this project. Planning and conducting are very important in big projects like this.

QUESTIONING AND PREDICTING: To make this project interesting and have a learning outcome, we made sure to come up with a good driving question. This took a lot of questioning and predicting. “How will we answer this later on?” “Will this make sense to the audience?” “How do we make sure everyone understands the experiment?” Questions like that started discussions in our group which causes revisions, which ended us up with a presentation we were all proud of.

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