For this math project, I created a character named Kevin who needed to find a phone plan that works for his busy and travelling schedule. Kevin needs 6 GB per month, out of country roaming, and unlimited calls/texts. I found plans for Bell, Telus and Rogers that were all very similar, included the same data etc… But Kevin needs to know which is the cheapest!

This is where the equation y + mx + b comes in… To find the cheapest plan for Kevin short and long term we had to do some math to find the intercept points. Where the intercept points are, is where the plan costs are the same. We solved these graphically and algebraically.


The data for the math of the project!
The equation…
Solving graphically
Solving algebraically!

With all that math out of the way, we learned if Kevin needed to leave the country for under 5 days per month, TELUS was the way to go. If he left the country for more than 5 days, ROGERS is the winner.


UNDERSTANDING, AND SOLVING: The math for slope intercepts confused me a lot at the start. It took me a while to fully understand what it all means. This took a lot of practice and studying. Once I understood it, I made sure to solve the equation aka the driving question for this project. I feel this is the main competency I used for this project as it was a lot of Math, determination, and brain power!

CONNECTING AND REFLECTING: I used mistakes I made in the math process as learning opportunities and always made sure to learn how to fix them. I connected the project to a real world thing people have to decide, which is phone plans with out of country roaming. I feel the character Kevin also made the project more humanized, and relatable as all PLP students ms will be Kevin once we are kicked off our parents phone plans :D.

COMMUNICATING AND REPRESENTING: The keynote I made I think fully represented the math I did, in a visually nice way. I communicated the project well, and didn’t have a script because I knew the math and topic well. I justified the math in my project when questioned if it was correct, and revised anything needed to be fixed.

Overall, I think this is my best project this year and I’m proud of myself for understanding and doing this project!

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