Middle Ages Reflection



  1. I used very appropriate images to help the audience through a visual perspective from the text.
  2. I kept the text somewhat brief to not bore the death out of someone.
  3. At the same time I went into depth in the text and truly explained the 5 W’s.
  4. I met the criteria for a quality learning resource
  5. I received peer critique and illustrated it in my work.


  1. At times, some of the background colours blended into the text.
  2. I could’ve mentioned more about the aftermath, especially for the Crusades.
  3. I should’ve chunked my text into paragraphs better which could have made the text clearer.

BOTTOM LINE: In the future, make your text clearer and talk more deeply about not just what happened at the present time but also talk about what happened after and how that impacted people

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