About me!

Hey everyone!

My name is Maddie! I am a student at Seycove Secondary School and I will be graduating in 2027. I am in a program called PLP    (performance learning program). I joined PLP so I could work on my creative writing and public speaking. The basis to PLP is PBL  (project based learning) which focuses on work towards an end project as compared to a test. 

A little information about myself is that I love Architecture, Dogs, Taylor Swift, and my friends and family. Architecture is intriguing because it requires logic and math, whilst being creative and artistic. I am a very proud owner of a Labrador puppy who is not smart. She is a little goofy and does her own thing most of the time. I love Taylor Swift because she is such an inspiring artist. She is a huge advocate for body positivity and equality. She creates all of her own work and stands up for herself when needed. My friends and family always support me and make me smile. They are the people I choose to be around because they make me feel good.

 On my blog I’ll share my learning processes, projects and reflections. Thank you for coming and checking out my learning processes and adventures!

For the past week I have been working on how to animate in Keynote. We learned many different techniques on how to animate inanimate objects to make an About me video for everyone to see. This project was to learn about different features in keynote, like animation, drawing, colour fill, and image fill.