Geek out: Taylor Swift

Hey everyone,

This is my page to show how much I love Taylor Swift and why is love her so much!

Why I love Taylor Swift more than my family and why she matters to me 

The title is a little misleading but I really do love Taylor Swift. I first heard of her when she released Shake it Off. It was playing on the radio and I started dancing. I have always loved Taylor Swift but when it was lockdown the only album my dad had downloaded on my computer that I liked was 1989 so I started listening to it excessively. The more I listened the more addicted I became. That was the start of an unhealthy obsession.

In the past year I have put more effort into researching her than in my 8 years of school.  She really matters to me because she is such a good role model. She shares about why equality is important and how and why we should be treated equally. She has shared her experiences with an Eating Disorder to promote awareness and to share her struggles and battles to show no matter how perfect someone’s life looks they could be struggling too.`

She has overcome so much hate towards her throughout her years in the music industry. She’s had artists take credit for her success and try to cancel her because she retaliated. She’s shown how even with all the hate she can come back stronger than before. 

Taylor swift is such a successful artist. She has won 11 Grammies and has over 500 awards for her music. She has proven time and time again that if you work hard enough and put in enough effort you can accomplish your dreams. She has been named Women of the decade and Artist of the decade for the 2010’s. 

She has enough talent to write an entire album by herself at age 20 just to prove the haters wrong. Taylor released a surprise album in 2020 called Folklore. Right after that she broke the record for smallest amount of time in-between albums with the surprise release of Evermore just 7 months after. She then broke her record yet again by releasing Fearless (Taylor’s version) just 5 months later. 

I love Taylor Swift for so many of the reasons above, but I mostly admire her because she has such an amazing artistic skill, to create catchy yet poetic songs for others to relate to as well. She is such an inspiring role model and has given out so may life lessons.


7 random facts to fuel you Taylor Swift obsession.

It’s no secret that I’m slightly obsessed with Taylor Swift. She’s definitely one of my idols and is such a good role model. She has persevered and shown that if you work hard and smart your goals are much more achievable. 

  • My first random fact is that Taylor Swift grew up on a Christmas tree farm and wrote a song about it
  • She wrote Speak Now (her third album) entirely by herself at age 20
  • She has two diamond records ( Fearless and 1989 ) and two diamond singles ( Shake it off and Blank space )
  • She is the youngest solo artist to win Album of the year at the Grammys when she was just 20 
  • She surpassed Michael Jackson’s record for mostly awarded artist at the AMA’s. She currently has 40 AMA’s
  • She has cowritten songs with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, under the pseudonym William Bowery 
  • She plays the piano, guitar, ukulele, electric guitar and banjo 

Clearly I know a lot of random information that will never help me in life, but it’s a fun little obsession to have and to explore. Hopefully this has inspired you to research more information about her and to listen and obsess over her musical and poetic abilities.



I know that I had to put in a lot of effort for my blog to be appealing to others. Not everyone will enjoy the same things as me so I had to work extra hard to make my writing fun and intriguing to everyone else. 

I learned about my writing skills and how I need to practice my creative writing skills to make it more eye-catching to my audience. 

I had so much fun writing about topics that excite me. I got to add a lot of my personality and I had to share information that to others might be boring to research, but to me just makes this whole experience more exciting. 

The hardest part for me was finding enough unknown and interesting facts about Taylor Swift that others may have not heard before. 

The easiest part for me was writing about why I love Taylor Swift so much. There are so many reasons why she is an inspiring role model and kind human-being that I could go on for ages about why she matters so much to me and the world. 

In the future I will continue to add to this page because she keeps breaking records and releasing new music and I want to and plan on keeping my page as up-to date as possible.