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This project we were supposed to design and create a board game that involved the tectonic plates. Our group decided to make a 3D board game which was a really great idea because it really made our game stand out. We made a mountain, a ocean, and a bunch of small details like trains tracks or a little pond. The best thing in this project was hot glue gunning everything together because we totally didn’t burn our hands a couple time. This project really was the best though it was very entertaining to do and it wasn’t boring. We always had something to do throughout the whole project. Somethings did take a while to make and perfect like the spinning wheel we had to make it again because one side was too big.

here are pictures of our progress




















































I don’t have the rest of the photos but if you come to the winter exhibition you can see the finished product. It even has lights!

Then we joined classes with the other scimatics class and took turns playing the other classes board games then we switched and other people played our board games. So it was just two class full of board games. You would have 20 minutes to play a game and then you had to switch. And then we left that project alone until the winter exhibition where we showcased the board game for everyone to play, but I couldn’t make it so I don’t know how it went.

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