Welcome to my MPOL!


First off lets take a look at my learning plan I made at the start of the year.
















I will mostly talk about the growth columns. The first one is humanities and I said that I wanted to achieve 5 Rainbows (extending) by the end of the year. So far I have gotten 2 which I am proud of because I am on the right track with my goal if I keep up with my work. The second one is Maker, Where I said I wanted to participate fully in activities and make idea for people to build on which I think I have been doing well with. In science I said I wanted to contribute to the conversation and not be embarrassed to ask questions even if they are simple. Next lets talk about my dispositions, systems, and habits. 







As you can see here I wanted to be a straight a student and be more responsible towards my work. In my habits I talked about what I did throughout the day as my habits, I said I made sure my iPad was charging at night and if I forgot I would charge it in the morning. I also said I wanted to take notes for most lessons which I haven’t been doing so I can improve on that. And the last one I said I would get out of bed by 8:00 every morning which hasn’t been the easiest thing to do. This is the last part of the learning plan. Let’s take a look at my chosen core competencies. 









I will provide you with evidence for one box for each column. I said I was profile 2 in communicating. Which I am doing right now, I’m communicating with my peers and adults in a familiar setting which is the school. Now the thinking column, for creative thinking I said profile 2 again which basically said that I could create ideas or build on other peoples ideas. Some evidence for this is our stop motion video where I paired .up with magnus to create a lego stop motion video. Magnus shared his idea of a car racing and then crashing and I built on his idea by thinking that it could be a drift race and the lego driver could crash the car and then fix it and win the race. And now the personal and social column. For personal awareness and responsibility I once again put profile 2. Some evidence for this could be mountain biking. Mountain biking gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction. And it is a big part of my life. That is it for the learning plan. All of my work has met a certain standard for me which is accomplished. I haven’t met that goal here and there but it is very rare that is don’t meet it. Next I will talk about what project I struggled with the most. I personally thought that storm the barricades was the hardest project for me. It was hard not because of the learning but the format of the assignments. The project was about revolutions. We had to choose which revolution we wanted to study. We could either pick the Russian revolution, the Haitian revolution, the French Revolution, or the American revolution. I chose the American revolution. Out first assignment was a Brinton graphic, which is a graphic describing the stages of a revolution but in your own design. It’s hard to explain so I will just show you mine. 











Then we did a graphic organizer and this was the hardest part of the project. We had to provide info on all the different aspects of the revolution. We also had to make the document fit what revolution we chose. Here is mine.













As you can see I put a bunch of info as well as having a good page design that fit the  revolution. The part hat made this hard is fitting the information on the page in the little sections and also fitting the flag at the time. The pictures of the people had to be small other wise it would ruin the whole layout. I “failed” this year in a couple of things. If you don’t know already “fail” stands for first attempt in learning. I didn’t set aside a lot of time for homework and If there was a small assignment due the next day I wouldn’t worry about it because it was small and those small assignment slowly built up. Yes I would do a couple here and there but it was stressful by the end of this semester. I can improve on being more on top of my work.

That is pretty much it for this blog and I will see you next time.

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