Have you ever wondered what the point of poetry is? Well then this post is for you!

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This post is about the project on poetry that we did. Right off the bat I will say I learned a LOT. For this project the driving question was β€˜How might I construct text that shows who I am right now?’. I answer this question with everything I learned throughout this project and with all the poetry I created. Here is how my poetry book turned out!

Every class we got to create one or two poems. These poems all went into our own poetry book. There were multiple different types of poems that we got to make, and all of them included something to do with our worldview. Throughout this project we learned different things about poetry including 18 different poetry terms. Most of these poetry terms I had no idea existed. So this added many words to ✨Makenna’s Vocabulary✨. Then those terms were included into our worldview poems. Every class we had our poems ready and we read them in small groups. Then the group would pick the best poem and chose someone to present. I liked this because it pushed me to present in front of the whole class even if it was not my poem. I felt that even just this small quick presentation helped my speaking skills improve and made me more confident when presenting in front of others.

Then as we wrote our poems we started adding them to our own book. On every page of our poetry book you can see that there is at least one piece of complementary text. That could be anything that you thought went with your poem, almost like a side dish. For almost all of my poems I drew or traced drawings. Another thing that you can see on every page of my poetry book is the little audio message. These messages help explain how the poem connects to my worldview. We also added an β€œabout me” page. This page introduces me and includes a video that I made.Β  It also showsΒ  a photo of me, a link to this learning portfolio, and explains my thoughts on this project. I am happy with how my β€œabout me” video turned out because I spent lots of time on it. I am also super happy with how my whole poetry book turned out and I got every single one done on time. This shows my good use of time management.

In this project we also did small activities. For example when we first started the project we were given a bundle of words and had to make them a poem. Then after putting them in an order that made sense we were shown the actual poem. This showed that poems can be changed to have a different meaning. Another thing that we did with small groups was go up to the whiteboards to make quick poems or write notes. These activities helped my teamwork skills because we had to quickly brainstorm ideas and work together.Β 

At the very end of this project we get to present our poetry book at a β€œCoffee House Presentation”. I am looking forward to what this experience will bring.Β 

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of this project. I learned so much and even got better and more confident when speaking to a group and to the class. My poems definitely got better as I kept working on them. I think they also relate to my worldview pretty good. I am impressed with the outcome of my poems and discovered I am not a terrible poet!