Advertising and Media Explained

Hi everyone welcome back to our blog today I am going to be talking about my advertisement unit! In this unit we talked about the driving question “How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society?”. I will be answering this question as well as talking about how I used what I learned about media to create my ads and I will show you all of my different drafts. 

What was our ads? So back before the Oregon trip we had created a series of questions and we were preparing for the trip because we would get to interview our businesses. After we had learned a lot about marketing and media our final task was to make an advertisement using the knowledge that we learnt. Every business was in Oregon and so when we went there we got to ask them questions and gain a good understanding of what they were looking for. My company was Wolf Haven which is a wolf sanctuary and so for mine I wanted to use pathos to make people feel sad or guilty which is often what people use to get others to donate. We also did a whole booklet on layout and design and so I used my layout skills from that to make sure that not only did it hit pathos and send a message of please donate so that the wolves can keep living there but also so that it looked nice and like a real ad! Not only did we make many drafts but we also made a launch portfolio that has all of our question and other information which I have done here: 

Now to answer the DQ or driving question ““How does advertising persuade, sell, and influence society?”. Advertising persuades people by using pathos, ethos, logos, and other appeal and techniques. Pathos is the appeal to emotion so examples such a my ad it will often have a darker colour scheme and will have a photo of something sad and big bold text. Ethos is the appeal to credibility so instead of having a sad animal it might have a celebrity or a doctor saying this is the best product. This makes people want to trust that person and want to be just like them. Last but not least logos, logos is appeal to logistics. Rather than having a doctor say something it will be 4/5 doctors recommend this for their patients so it is statistics and charts. All of these things combined is how advertising persuades people and if you think about it every single advertisement leads back to money wether that be for donating or buying a product. So if someone sees an advertisement and wants to buy that product because Ariana Grande has it than that is selling a product or if someone sees a sad puppy ad at the spca they might adopt or donate. This all kind of works together to influence people and the society. Because more than often if a product is marketed so well and a lot of people buy it someone big like an influencer might get it and then it becomes a trend and everybody wants it because so and so has it. it all leads back to the same cycle. That is my very long answer to how advertising persuades, sell, and influences, society. To read more about what I think media is you can take a look at this image below which is my keystone 1 what is media paragraph!

Overall this has been a very fun last project and I cannot wait for next year! Thank you for reading this and I hope you have a great day or night!

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