For our latest Humanities project, we learnt about the Renaissance. Our diving questions was What significant developments emerged from the past and how have do they impact us today?

One of the first things we learnt was about historical significance. Historical significance is a decision that modern people have made about what they feel is important from our past. In assigning historical significance, we can choose specific events, people, locations and ideas as being particularly important to us. This is really important for this project because it helped us identify some of the most significant developments that emerged from the Renaissance. This is an example of what we learnt about historical significance.

I think that learning this is really important and I think it is going to be supper helpful to me in the future.

For the main part of this project, we had to create a Triptych. A Triptych is a type of art, Triptych art is made up of three pieces or panels. This type of art is really useful for story telling in my opinion.

This is an image of my Triptych.

In my Triptych, I wanted to show Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions/sketches, the printing press, the creation of Adam, and the access to libraries and educational materials. In the center I have me on a plane because it originated from Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches. I also have the creation of Adam merged with a more modern piece of art.

You may be wondering, how in the world did you make that!? Well, I’ll tell you. To create this, I used a super cool app called SuperimposeX. While creating this, I learnt how to mask images, blend images, change saturation/colours and SO much more! I am very happy I learnt these skills because it allows me to create supper cool things. If it is for other school projects or my own enjoyment, I can now create almost anything I want!

To go along with this Triptych, we also had to create a paragraph about the most important thing of the Renaissance. In my opinion, I think that Leonardo Da Vinci was a n extremely important part of the Renaissance so I wrote about him. This is my paragraph.


I really enjoyed this project and I find the Renaissance to be very interesting! I have learnt so much from this project and I am very excited to explore these skills and use them for many more cool and creative things!

Thanks for reading my post!