Thrill Us! A Very Scary Maker Project

BOO! Look I scared you, or at least I tired. This is what we were trying to do on our second maker project of the year thrill us! Through this project, we learned all about how to make a successful thriller movie, through hard work and learning from mentor texts.

First, we were introduced to the thriller genre and the important things to include in a thriller movie. There are so many but the ones that stuck out to me were:
– the Three C’s crucible (making sure that the character can’t get away from their problems, Contract (an understanding with the audience that something will happen) and Clock (a time crunch)
– Red herrings
– Plot twists

Next, we watched mentor texts to learn from them. We then each wrote two paragraphs from a mentor text of our choice. Even though it wasn’t my favourite, I picked “Laundry”. I wanted to push myself by choosing to try reflecting on something I wouldn’t have normally picked. Here you can watch laundry.

Here’s the reflection I did.

After this, we were ready to make our movies. I worked with Kennedy and Hazel to create our film “The Note”. We first made a schedule for filming and I was like “Great this will work we will finish this exactly as we think we will on the schedule”.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t

As we started filming we realized that continuity is not as easy as it sounds when you’re making a film. We lost a whole day of shots because I was wearing my glasses in them. then of course my sweater went missing a key part of my costume. But, we kept working and editing and collaborating and eventually came up with this as our final product.

Overall I think this project made me stretch as a learner. I would much rather write a scary story than shoot one. But as I continued pushing myself and asking questions I realized I could do a lot more than I thought. through collaboration so much is possible and I’m proud of what my group and I produced, even though it was a struggle to make.

Until next time ( Watch out for an awesome winter exhibition/humanties/maker MEGA POST next week!)


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