Let’s Get Riel!

“I have nothing but my heart, I have given it long ago to my country.”

These were the last words of Louis Riel as he waited to be hung. A pivotal figure in Canada’s history, Louis Riel has been portrayed in hundreds of different ways throughout history. This project was all about how.

To answer our driving question “How has the portable of Louis Riel changed over time?” We wrote 3 paragraph compostions. You can read mine here.

It wasn’t just that simple however. This was a revison heavy project for pretty much our whole class. I started with two paragraphs the first and third ones. I got really stuck on the middle one because it was difficult for me to connect the two time periods I was talking about, and there was still so much more that I wanted to talk about. Eventually however, I got it done. Then I handed it and got these revisions back.  I corrected them and then handed it in again.

This project was so much more than 3 paragraphs though. Before writing our paragraphs we learned how to write a paragraph. There were a lot more pieces to it then an  I expected, but it turns out I  knew them already without knowing I did. This the paragraph I wrote to practice on the heritage minute by Historica Canada.

Blue -topic sentence

Green -explanation

Yellow – evidence and examples

Red -concluding sentence

Here’s the heritage minute as well.

The main competency for this project was analyzing. I think the best example of this was the whiteboard activity we did early in this project on 3 art pieces.

The first was by Lemay and Gaboury

The second by Miguel Joyal

And the third by John Nugent

This was a short project, much shorter than our previous one metaphor machines. It was a challenge to hold myself to the high standers I hold to learn in the richest way possible in a short period of time. Add over 17 hours of extracurriculars a week and all my other classes and I was set up for a stressful month. However, with stradegies a lot of time management and my family members support I managed to produce an answer to this driving question that I’m more than happy with and I’m exited to transfer this learning into all of my later projects. My goal for all my projects it to do better and I did on the last one and I think I accomplished this on this project.

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