Of the work i have done this year, i am most proud of my MindNodes. I know because they are my favourite way to express my thoughts and they are very fun to create. My goals started to be a really good student and to get 🌈 on most of my assignments, but as the term went on i realized “thats not going to happen ;)” and now my goals are to get ☀️ in most of my assignments. 

In the beginning, i thought “hmm yes high school will be easy” and then i came to realize that, no, high school is not easy, in fact it is very hard and time consuming. That’s where i am now, suffering under the amount of work we have to do. I want to try and improve at my school work though because then i will get ✨better grades✨

Here’s my best achievements from maker:

My word art drawing -this picture is the assignment i have spent the most time on in the entire Carr drawing project. I am most proud of this assignment because it showcases my skill with perspective when drawing.

My overview of overwatch pt 3 -this short video shows a basic understanding of them game and i think it shows my editing skills.

Here’s the achievement i am most proud of from humanities:

My You vs Who Character Analysis -i am proud of this assignment because it shows my understanding of book characters and my ability to understand books.

Here’s my best achievement from scimatics:

My Laser Laws Mind Node – I am proud of this assignment because i think it shows how much i learned from the project.

What i learned: Humanties

The humanities projects like the outsiders and the advertising project were all in big groups, which forced me to learn how to cooperate with multiple people. These were the most challenging group projects that i have ever faced because there are so many people to disagree with you and it’s sometimes very hard to work with others. There was a lot of rude comments and ideas shot down but i think over time the group work really started to come together and improve a lot. In the end, the humanities projects taught me how to cooperate better with my group 🙂

What i learned: Maker

The projects in maker taught me how to use creative thinking while making media. Projects like Carr and herzog encourage creative use of tools. During these projects i learned how to creatively think.

What i learned: Scimatics

In scimatics projects like laser laws and tectonic chances i learned how to solve problems with math and logic. Doing scimatics improved my ability to problem solve and also taught me new math equations and formulas.

^ These are what i learned in the different subjects in plp this term ^

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