Hi! Owen back with a new bloggg, about scimatics (: (scimatics is best)

Our driving question for this project is: How can the behaviour of matter be explained by the kinetic molecular theory and the atomic theory?

In this project we made a scratch game that represents the behaviour of atoms and the kinetic and molecular theories. (Coding is great)

The start of this project was horribleeeee because as soon as i figured out we were using scratch i just wanted to get coding but we had to do a bunch of textbook stuff and it was soo boringgg but it did teach us about atoms and stuff. But then we got to coding and it was so greattt (: i mean scratch is kinda bad compared to java and python and the other one but its like for kids and its pretty easy to learn.

My game is kind of absolutely terrible because i got stuck a while on a few things but i think its decent. So my game is like a dodger game where you select a heat level, which dictates the speed that the atoms fly towards your skull. It’s very cool imo but i havent completely debugged it so if you find any bugs then to bad for you. Anyways heres the gameeee

Also heres ma mind map:

Hope you enjoyed (improbable), and have a nice (time of day), Owen (:

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