Being and Becoming a Learner in PLP

Hi again, it’s me Parker.

In this post, I’ll be talking about starting my journey in PLP, which I mentioned in my about me page here. In PLP, we consume the curriculum differently than normal classes, through the use of IPads and technologies.

I have found in the start of my PLP journey, I am more creative than I thought, I am more productive when I can use devices, I can think about my future more confidently then I could before. I think PLP will help me figure out even more about myself because of the way the program works. I’ve showcased this through my Big Life Journal chapter 3 and my laptop Memoji. The reason I picked these is because I am proud of the way my Memoji looks, and I am proud of how I made a future of myself. An example of something I need to work on is my Big Life chapter 2, where I made a mock YouTube channel, and I didn’t put enough detail, but it is now revised and fine.

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