How did ideas from Europe and Asia change the world in a triptych

The new ideas and practices from the renaissance and how they changed the world today. People from the renaissance invented new ideas and practices we still use today. Fro example c section was made popular and also a tool called a Trocar. The idea of the tool is the same but the actual tool has been streamlined to be more safe. Its use is to poke a hole in your body to let bad fluids out


The antibiotics of the renaissance. Maggots were use a sort of wound cleaner, almost like antibiotics. People observed how they ate dead skin and cells and thus they were used to clear out wounds and infections



Inequalities. During the renaissance if someone was different or did something that wasn’t easily explained, like new medicine it was seen as witchcraft. People would also accuse others of witchcraft if they didn’t like you or had more power Hospitals were invented in between the 7th ad 12th century but were not like they are now. They had bad service and the medicine wasn’t fitting for the injured. Earlier in the renaissance they were like care homes today. It was said that god gave people illness because of their sins and wrong doings. With advancements in medical knowledge they started transforming into places that could actually heal people and help with injuries. Hospitals provided good food to people in recovery because it was accepted that it could help maintain good health


Why medicine was the most important invention that came out of the renaissance. Medicine has helped nearly triple the lifespan of an average human and make life way easier. Now minor injuries like infections can easily be treated when in the Middle Ages they would have ended your life.

How the renaissance evolved medicine more than the Middle Ages. The reason is that people started studying the human body and doing autopsy’s to find out how someone died and what went wrong

This is my blog post on my triptych project


I made this triptych on SuperimposeX. It is pretty fun to use this app and easy too. I made the choice to do medicine because it affects all of our lives today. If we didn’t have medicinal knowledge or antibiotics covid would have been an even worse time.

I learned a lot about what medicine impacted us and how medicine is a big part of our life, even if we dont notice.

My favourite part is the comparison to phone cameras and glasses and the iPad to a printing press

My least favorite part is the panting above my head. It represents how people in the renaissance were looking back and changing things but its not too obvious

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